If you are going on a vacation n trip and you are shopping for different clothes and footwear that you can wear while on vacation, then you might wonder that what are the best types of flats or heels that you opt for on such occasions. Heels and flats have been a choice for most women for centuries. They are in a variety of shapes, colours, and forms, etc. But since some heels are very uncomfortable to wear and cannot be worn on casual occasions such as vacation trips, most women prefer to wear flats since they are very comfortable and simple in design. It is very important to buy a pair of heels or sandals that suit your requirements as well as the occasion. However, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the stylish and attractive women’s heels and sandals that you can wear while going on a vacation trip.

Best heels to wear on vacation trips:


Whenever we talk about the most attractive heels to wear, pumps are always on the top of our list. Due to their attractive and elegant design, pumps are very common but stylish. Pumps come in different designs and variants. Pumps are very comfortable unlike other heels since they are only 3-4 inches high. While most of the pump’s heels are not very great for casual occasions, they are also some that you can wear on a casual occasion such as a vacation trip.

Wedge heels:

In comparison to thin heels, wedge heels provide more stability and support. They are significantly more comfortable to walk and stand in because of their strong soles. You are also less prone to tumble and fall into the grass due to their supportive shape. Depending on the design you pick, these shoes look great with both casual and dressy outfits. The sky is the limit for the fashion-forward when it comes to wedges and athleisure or comparable casual designs. Why do wedges feel so good? Because the heels cover the whole sole, the weight of the wearer is distributed throughout the entire sole providing comfort rather than in one area like a typical heel.

Kitten heels:

We’ve seen some stunning kitten heel sandals grace the streets in recent years, particularly those of major Italian fashion houses like Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Fendi. Kitten heels are very unique and attractive in design. They have a top made from leather and they have a curved heel which is usually 1-3 inches high which makes them extremely comfortable. Kitten heels can be quite expensive ranging from $50-$800. Kitten heels are suitable for both formal and casual events.

Cone Heels:

Cone heels start broad at the sole of the shoe tapering down to the floor into a point, much like an ice cream cone. They have the advantage of being a sturdier option than a stiletto while still keeping the delicacy that comes with a lower heel since they are the broadest at the top. Higher variants of cone heels, on the other hand, will be far less stable than a block heel or wedge. A higher cone heel will have a more dramatic effect, but lesser heels may still provide a splash of color to any ensemble.

Block Heels:

Block heels feature a strong, prominent heel and are among the most comfortable heels to wear. They’re also perfect for trying out different therapies. The use of Lucite block heels, as well as alternatives with decorations such as studs and contrasting materials, is now popular. They are something that every fashionable and heel lover should try. Low block heels are ideal for daytime. Block heels are great for both casual and formal occasions.

Platform Heels:

Platform heels vary in height from short to tall. The platform is formed by a thicker portion of the shoe below the sole. Many individuals feel that taller heels are more comfortable since there is not a lot of height difference between the back and front of the foot. Platform heels are a stunning and sexy way to complete an outfit and get that strong, feminine, and flirty look you’re going for.

Best flats to wear on vacation trips:

Flip flops:

Flip flops are very popular footwear in the summer and hot conditions. The sole of a flip flop sandal is basic, with a Y-shaped thong attached directly to it. To give support to the wearer, they include a foam sole and a plastic toe. They are designed simply. They’re worn regularly. Rubber is used in the majority of them. They’re available in a variety of colors and designs to go with any casual outfit. They are great for pool parties and beaches since they are water-resistant.  They aren’t appropriate for many formal occasions, but they are an ideal option for everyday wear. Since flip-flops are very common, you can easily get them from any shoe store.

Ankle Strap Sandals:

Strap sandals are a sort of women flat sandals that never go out of trend; they may simply give with their sleek and edgy design. Leather straps make up the majority of their upper body. This buckled strap sandal is perfect for individuals looking for a contemporary, modern look. It’s still a comfortable, easy-to-wear option with a high amount of flair and a sophisticated appeal. Why wait any longer? They’re a wonderful alternative for gatherings and cocktail parties. Now is the time to take advantage of it! These flat sandals are available on Pazzion.com for very affordable prices.

Rope Sandals:

Rope sandals are another fashionable pair of sandals. Rope sandals possess a very unique design with crisscrossed rope laces that wrap around your feet It’s a comfy piece to wear and a bit hard to come by. This is mostly handcrafted and its sole is made from pure leather. It can be adjusted and has been in use for quite some time. Rope sandals are perfect for casual occasions.

Slide Sandals

In the summer, slide sandals are a fantastic way to remain cool and comfy. They’re simple to put on and take off, and they keep your feet cool and dry. They are mostly made from plastic and rubber. Slides are ideal for casual occasions. Every woman should have a pair of slide sandals in her shoe collection. They are not only great for women but men also prefer slide sandals over other casual footwear. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day and can even be worn while taking shower or at the beach.

Mule Sandals:

Mule sandals are another very stylish, attractive, and elegant type of flats that have a very fashionable design. Mules usually have a covered front and an open back. Mule sandals come in different variants, shapes, and colours. Mules come in both heeled and flatform but the flat ones are preferred more by the women since they have a much simpler design and they offer more comfort.

Gladiator Sandals:

Gladiators are long flat sandals.  It is available in a variety of patterns and styles. They may be worn for a variety of situations and seasons. They look great with one-piece outfits and short skirts. In this manner, you can show off your gladiators and legs to their utmost potential. They are available in both heeled and flat styles. The most prevalent patterns are those that are flat. If you’re looking for a new fashionable sandal, these are the ones to opt for.

Espadrille Sandals:

Espadrilles are a form of casual, eco-friendly footwear distinguished by a cotton or canvas top and a flexible rope sole that is flat yet sturdy. The sole is often composed of jute or fiber rope. Because of its natural material and simple design, espadrilles were once believed to be “peasant footwear.” Because they don’t have laces, they’re nevertheless considered a fairly casual style. Because of their informal appearance and breathability, espadrilles are a great summertime footwear choice.

Leather Sandals:

Leather sandals are very similar to slide sandals, with the exception that they are made of leather rather than plastic. They’re cool to wear on warm summer days and provide support for your toes and heels. Because of the material used in their production, they are more costly than other women’s flat sandals. They are both powerful and light. They have a stunning design and a stunning look. Certain leather shoes have beautiful stitching and designs. They may be worn to both formal and casual situations, however formal attire looks best. When paired with jeans, they look fantastic.

Final thought:

These were some of the best heels and flats that you can wear while going for a vacation trip. Most of them are very easy to find and you can purchase them from any shoe store. You can also order these from Pazzion.com since they provide very quality stuff for very affordable prices. They can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. Every woman should have at least one pair of these heels or flats in her footwear collection that she can wear while going on a vacation trip.

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