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The ViewSonic Elite XG270 is a phenomenal gaming screen with a 240Hz invigorate rate and a quick reaction time, conveying pictures with mind blowing perfection and clearness. Its FreeSync uphold assists with limiting screen tearing, and its amazingly low info slack gives a responsive gaming and work area experience. Pinnacle splendor and survey points are incredible; nonetheless, it’s not the best 4k 240hz gaming monitor for dull rooms, as its IPS board has a low difference proportion, and its dark consistency is fairly poor. HDR uphold is available, and there’s even some RGB bling to set the disposition. Its 1080p goal may feel somewhat insufficient, yet most gamers should be content with its general exhibition.

Picture Quality

The ViewSonic XG270 depends on an IPS board by AU Optronics with the accompanying key details: 178° review points, 1,000:1 static differentiation proportion, 400-nit top splendor, and genuine 8-bit shading profundity with 99% sRGB range.

It has a Full HD screen goal of 1920×1080 pixels, which isn’t ideal for its 27″ estimated screen.

In contrast with 27″ 1440p, and even 24″ 1080p screens, the image quality on the XG270 will be more pixelated because of the low pixel thickness of about 81 PPI (pixels per inch).

A few clients detest the pixelated subtleties of such low pixel thickness while others don’t worry about everything.

To decrease this impact, you can simply sit somewhat further from the screen, which will make singular pixels less recognizable, or you can apply some enemy of associating in games to cover the step case impact brought about by low goal.

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There are some gamers who even incline toward this since greater pixels help their exactness in FPS games.

In general, for gaming and other diversion purposes, we find 27″ 1080p screens entirely fine. It’s just with regards to office-related and comparative undertakings that the low pixel thickness should be dodged.

This is actually the main thing we hold against the ViewSonic XG270 screen. Its IPS board gives energetic, precise, and reliable tones that stay wonderful at essentially any point on account of the 178° wide review points.

This widescreen gaming monitor can likewise acknowledge and show the HDR10 signal, yet since it needs legitimate presentation capacities for an essential HDR seeing experience, for example, neighborhood darkening and wide shading array, you can fundamentally overlook its HDR uphold.


The principle highlight of the screen is its PureXP+ Motion Blur Reduction innovation, which utilizes backdrop illumination strobing to decrease apparent ghosting and movement obscure, however forfeits picture brilliance all the while.

Because of the high pinnacle splendor and lively shades of the ViewSonic XG270, the picture will remain enough brilliant while the tones will remain distinctive in any event, when PureXP is empowered.

Thus, you get CRT-like movement clearness just as magnificent picture quality.

To keep away from strobe crosstalk (looks like copy pictures), a screen should be set to strobe at a lower revive rate than its most extreme.

That is the reason all 144Hz gaming screens with NVIDIA ULMB, for example, can strobe at 120Hz max.

For the ideal exhibition with MBR, we prescribe setting the ViewSonic XG270 to 100Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz relying upon your inclination and on what FPS rate your PC framework can keep up.

To evade twofold pictures, your FPS rate ought to be as near the screen’s invigorate rate as could reasonably be expected.

You can utilize ‘VSYNC On’ to synchronize the edge rates – or ‘VSYNC Off’ with physically covered FPS rate on the off chance that you need minimal measure of info slack.

The PureXP+ innovation works from 75Hz up to 240Hz, so you can analyze yourself and see what turns out best for you. The best settings will fluctuate between various games as well.

PureXP+ can’t be dynamic simultaneously as FreeSync/G-SYNC Compatible.

The ViewSonic XG270 additionally gives you the capacity to change strobe beat length (with four unique levels) to bring down the measure of relinquished brilliance at the expense of movement clearness.

Other than the faultless MBR execution with negligible strobe crosstalk, the ViewSonic XG270 screen offers an unnoticeable information slack of ~2ms and a fast 1ms GtG pixel reaction time speed that is comparable to 240Hz TN models.

There are five distinctive reaction time overdrive modes (Standard, Fast, Faster, Ultra Fast, Fastest).

At the point when PureXP+ is empowered, you can’t change the overdrive settings. All things being equal, an exceptionally shrouded overdrive mode is utilized for the ideal presentation.


Proceeding onward, the ViewSonic XG270 is furnished with a lot of extra valuable highlights. Its OSD (On-Screen Display) menu is efficient and simple to work with gratitude to the 5-way joystick set underneath the base bezel.

You can likewise utilize ViewSonic’s Display Controller programming, which permits you to make screen changes in a work area application. The application will likewise tell you when there’s another firmware update accessible.

The screen upholds AMD FreeSync with a 48-240Hz VRR (variable invigorate rate) reach, and it’s guaranteed by NVIDIA as G-SYNC Compatible, in this way guaranteeing tear-let loose gaming execution to 240Hz in the event that you have a viable GPU.

Other helpful highlights incorporate Black Stabilization (improves perceivability of articles in shadows by changing the gamma shape), Color Saturation, adjustable crosshair overlays, and custom picture scaling (1:1, 19″ 4:3, 22″ 16:10, and so forth)

Moreover, there’s ‘Hertz Limiter’ (60Hz, 100Hz, 144Hz, 180Hz, 240Hz) and ‘OverClocking’ for overclocking the invigorate rate past 240Hz however exactly how far you can overclock it will fluctuate across various units of the screen.

Next, there are various pre-adjusted picture presets, for example, FPS, MOBA, Battle Royale, Console, two custom modes, and an aligned sRGB shading temperature profile for exact shading yield straight out of the crate.

The ViewSonic XG270 additionally flaunts progressed picture change instruments, including 6 gamma presets (from 1.8 to 2.8), sharpness, immersion, contrast, splendor, and so forth

Finally, the screen has a glint free backdrop illumination (except if PureXP is empowered) and a coordinated low-blue light channel for a happy with survey experience even after long gaming meetings.

Primary concern

The ViewSonic XG270 offers an uncommon serious FPS gaming experience because of its blend of flawless MBR execution and energetic shades of the IPS innovation. It likewise offers a lot of extra highlights including premium plan quality, rich network alternatives, FreeSync with guaranteed G-SYNC similarity, and progressed picture change instruments.

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