This article discusses how the world of comedy and related fields are incorporations of so many different aspects into one. A clear and deep understanding of every aspect of life is necessary for it. 

Becoming or just being a comedian, takes a lot more than just a good sense of humor. It should not be right to say it is a tough job but it isn’t easy too. It is important to take note of the seriousness of being a comedian in order to express and understand every walk of life by incorporating humor and creativity in every way. Comedians, in general, may not represent an average person but studying and understanding people like Virginia Jones Comedian can help illuminate the kind of satire and sarcasm that is used to let people know the steps involved in such critical and creative thinking process and then applying it in the process of its expression. 

Comedians in general are nothing if not masters of their creative language and writing assertion. And while this is true, what they really do is surprise people with the help of their mastery over the use of various figures of speech. Putting an emphasis on one word over the other in a completely unique way has the potential to change the entire meaning and impact of the joke. And the major thing which is needed to convey a joke is the thorough understanding of why something is funny in the first place. Such a level of understanding and analysis is what makes people artists in order to create and perform something. And such a comedian is Virginia Jones. Being possessed with incredible comic timing and far eyed vision of the world, Virginia Jones is now a proud name on the list of Laurie Kilmartin and Jackie Kashian’s Comics of the Week. Also, her album Gothic American is on the WhoHaHa’s list of best female comic albums of the year. 

Just like a comedian is known for his/her strategic timing, comic sense, and wordplay, Virginia Jones is an incredible voice in modern comedy and acting. Being a fashion blogger and an active contributor to “Laughing Matters” which is an art exhibit about women in comedy, and “The Girl in The Show” which is a book about three generations of women in comedy, Virginia Jones is an active figure in the world of singular talents and literal geniuses. 

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