What Makes an HVAC Machine Top-Rated?


A properly functioning air conditioner is crucial to keep your home comfortable. However, even the best air conditioners have a limited lifespan and eventually need replacement. When the air conditioner starts malfunctioning, homeowners wonder whether they need to repair their AC or replace it. With proper maintenance, air conditioners keep working optimally. However, they start showing some warning signs as they reach the end of their lifespan. It can be extremely frustrating to encounter AC breakdowns in the peak summer. A yearly tune-up can keep your AC functioning efficiently but that doesn’t mean your system will last forever.  It can be tricky to identify when your system needs a tune-up and when replacement is the only option.

People ignore the condition of their heating and cooling system until it stops functioning properly. When a new AC unit fails to perform optimally, some repair work or component replacement can help in restoring its performance. But if your system has gotten old, replacing it makes more sense. Besides age, some more signs indicate it’s time to get a new air conditioner. Read further to know the common signs to replace your cooling system.

No Cool Air or Inefficient Airflow

The most common sign of a failing AC unit is poor cooling. If your air conditioner fails to make the room cool, possibly the filter is clogged or there’s some issue with the internal components. An experienced AC technician can find out if some vent, fan, or filter needs to be repaired. However, if repair isn’t enough to improve airflow, you might need to install a new air conditioner.

Strange Noise or Weird Smell

A properly functioning cooling system doesn’t make odd noises or weird smells. If you notice any squealing, rattling, squeaking, or grinding noise, it’s a sign that your AC unit is possibly near the end of its life. Odd sound is a sign of aging and other issues such as faulty motors or deteriorating components. Besides odd noise, you can also notice unusual smells coming out of your vents when you switch on the AC. A foul smell is also an indication that your air conditioner needs replacement. A smokey or burning smell should never be ignored.

High Energy Bills

When heating and cooling system gets old and outdated, they consume more energy. As components of your AC get worn-out, the system will need to work harder to maintain desired room temperature. This results in increasing your energy consumption. So, if your energy bills have gone up lately, consider checking your air conditioner. Even if the AC isn’t cooling your home properly, it continues to work hard to get the job done. So, to avoid unnecessary energy cost every month, it’s better to upgrade to a new AC unit that works optimally and reduce your energy bills.

Moisture Buildup or Humidity

Your air conditioner will produce some moisture but if you experience humidity or notice leakage around the unit, make sure to get it checked. A little amount of water dripping from an AC unit is normal but more leakage and moisture buildup results in mold growth.