Watch Repair


If you own a watch, then you know how important it is to take care of it. The last thing you want is for your watch to be broken or in need of repair. If you notice that your watch is not functioning properly, there are many steps you can take to identify the problem and fix the issue. Here are some ways that will help:

Watch Parts and What They Do

One way to identify that your watch needs fixing is through breaking down the parts of the watch.

  • Watch Face: This part of a watch tells the time and can have one or more hands.
  • Case: The metal shell that holds all of the other components in place.
  • Crystal: It’s a transparent cover made from glass, plastic, sapphire, or another material that protects the face and provides better visibility.
  • Dial: It’s an indicator for time and can have one hour marker called a “hour hand” and one minute marker called a “minute hand.”
  • Movement: This is the mechanical part of a watch that produces time by means of oscillating rotary weights and coiled springs. It’s also known as the “engine” of a watch.
  • Bracelet/Strap: This is the band on which a watch is worn.They are often made from leather, rubber, cloth, metal or plastic.
  • Ticking sound or ticker tape: A sound made by an oscillating weight as it pushes against hairspring during its backswing.
  • Locking mechanism/stem winder (manual): A knob found on some watches to manually wind up the mainspring in order to power it and keep it running with less wear and tear. When pulled out to position 2 or 3, it releases tension on hairspring so it doesn’t recoil between oscillations (which would generate ticking).

Identifying Watch Problems

There are many ways to identify a problem with your watch. If you notice that the second hand is not moving or that the minute hand is stuck, this is a sign of a broken mechanism. You can also check if the watch’s battery is low. If it doesn’t have any power, then it won’t be able to keep time. Finally, if you have difficulty setting the date or time on your watch, it means there might be an issue with the hands not moving correctly.

The Different Watch Repairs You Can Make

Many people think that they can’t do anything to fix their watch. However, there are many repairs that you can make at home without having to take the watch in for a professional.

The first step is to identify what the problem is. If your battery has died and needs to be replaced, you can purchase a new battery from any variety of places – from local hardware stores, to specialty shops like jewelers or online retailers. When replacing your battery, make sure you have a small screwdriver on hand so you can remove the back of your watch. Most watches use a standard screw size but it’s important to check before purchasing a replacement battery. Once you’ve removed the back of your watch and installed the new battery, simply put the back of your watch back on and you’re good as new!

Another common watch repair is changing out the band on your watch if it has worn out or broken. This process is fairly straightforward and also fairly affordable (compared to professional repairs). You’ll need some pliers and patience when doing this type of home repair because removing links on a metal band will require some elbow grease. To remove links from your broken or worn-out band: Simply remove one link at a time by using the pliers and gently pulling them off with pressure (Take note: The links should slide right off). Once all of the links have been removed, place them in order according to size.

A watch is an important fashion statement for many people and with so many styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one. The good news is that you can avoid problems with your watch by taking care of it, and if you do happen to run into any issues, you can find the solution with our guide.

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