Like all materials and things, your water feature would also require maintenance to stay in good working conditions. But most of the water features require low maintenance. Typically you would be seeing a need for maintaining accurate water level, cleaning as a part of maintenance.

There are multiple materials from which one can include in building fountains or various water features-










You can buy researching or studying the market about the water features or can hire professionals to help you choose, install the water features at your place.

  • Provided you have ample or sufficient space in your yard. You can install sculpture fountains which depict the art of work of an animal, symbol or even a tale. This water feature talks about the personality of the person.

Call a professional unless you are planning to make the sculpture with your own hands. The cost varies with respect to the size of the sculpture, material used, and complications in the design.

  • The wall fountains are mostly used by homeowners having limited space in their yard. The fountain usually sticks out of a wall and spills out flowing water into a basin. This can be also done by homeowners who want to bring a glamorous touch to the boundary walls.
  • Waterfall fountain, is a series of wall fountains put together, one after another in a row or column to depict waterfall; only that is most commonly used in an office building to add a traditional touch to the interior designing as well as bring up the aesthetic look of the entire office space. The water sound will pull you into a relaxation mode and lighten up your mood when dealing from stress.
  • If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, swimming pool fountains are one of the best eye-catchers.
  • Single fountains can add an aesthetic feel to your backyard. The settings allow you to manually set the water rise and fall timings, and can act as a party entertainer during events.
  • Drip drop fountains will definitely have your attention. The multi-level or multi-tier fountains are so fun to look at the drip-drop-drip-drop sequence. You can either include it indoor in your hall or are fun enough to decorate the outdoor space.
  • Stone fountains can be so soothing and calming to watch.
  • Landscape lights are one of the most admired water features around the globe. These are so relaxing to watch after the sunset. They can be a landscape mountain during the day and change the theme of the area after sunset.
  • Aquariums are always fun to watch. The colorful fishes bring a touch of color to the entire box.

Most homeowners or business owners have to buy the features in order to use them. Not many people are aware of the fact that these features can also be bought as rental during various events. The experts deliver them to your place, install them for you, and also remove them with safety after your event is over.