Personal Hygiene Issues

Ways to Tackle Personal Hygiene Issues While Travelling


The recent pandemic has reminded us just how important hygiene is. Having a regular and good hygiene ritual can prevent diseases and problems. And when you are travelling abroad you need all the help you can get. When travelling to a new country, your body gets exposed to all sorts of viruses, germs and bacteria that are not native to your country. Foreign lands have foreign bacteria, and while they may pose a chance for your immune system to grow and strengthen, they can also ruin your vacation. Staying safe and prepared is easier than you think, so let’s start with proper care!

1. Stay hydrated and eat smart

Experimenting with foreign cuisine is why many people travel. Seeing the sights and trying out what the locals eat sounds great in theory, but in practice, it can earn you a quick visit to the hospital. Shocking your digestive system with new and exotic food you never tried before should not be a priority. Eating small amounts, staying true to air food, not experimenting too much with seafood and exotic meat, and not overdoing it with foreign spices are how you give your intestines a fighting chance. Slowly introduce new meals and ingredients, and don’t rush any meals, and you should be just fine.

2. Don’t forget the basics

Shower, hand wash, anti-bacterial napkins, wet wipes, bottled water and disinfectant should always be on your side.  When using public restrooms or any hygiene area in restaurants or hotels, keep an active eye out for the quality of such places. Not every place keeps its standard up to date, and you can catch any foreign disease even if you do everything right. Should you spot new or quality equipment, that is a good sign that the location is safe for your health. Always inspect taps, and sinks, use reliable hand driers from Davidson Washroom, and inspect the walls for any mould. When you are in a foreign land, you can still apply common sense and standards that your body is used to having.

3. Avoid stress

Stress affects your body in health more than you can imagine. Stressful situations cause damage to your immune system, which then cannot operate at maximum capacity, and it lowers your chance of not getting an infection. When you are travelling abroad, your schedule is jam-packed as you want to visit everything and do as much as possible. This is understandable, but you should always try to stay calm, composed, healthy and fit, despite all adversities. A clear mind gives you the much-needed composure to make rational decisions.

4. The fewer touches, the better

ATMs or shared interfaces, subway rails, bus stops, handrails in shops, busses and public places are all health hazards for you. The famous five seconds rule won’t save you as many harmful bacteria can survive for more than 48 hours on them. As your body is already battling more than it can handle, there is no need for you to feed it with even more bacteria. Public places and surfaces are breeding grounds for ample viruses, so you should avoid unnecessary contact as much as possible. View them as a potential threat to your good time and vigorously wash and disinfect your hand after any such contact.

5.  Stay vigilant

Microbes and bacteria are microscopic, so you need to keep an eye out for the fine details. For example, they love to hide under your fingernails, and you should clip your fingernails regularly and keep them short. Underneath your very fingers, hiding in wait, bacteria can hide for an indefinite time and get in contact with your face any time you touch it. Try to apply common sense to places and listen to your gut. If you think some spaces are unsafe or unhygienic, listen to your gut feeling and leave. Whatever you may pass out on is certainly less painful than a trip to the hospital.

We hope that these practical tips help you to enjoy your vacation in a safe and hygienic matter. Having a good time does not exclude having good hygiene. Creating memories while creating a wall against microscopic threats goes hand in hand. The more you take care of yourself, the sooner you can visit again. We wish you all the best in your future travels, and share any pictures you may have!

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