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Leggings are not only the most comfortable pants ever, but they are also incredibly versatile. As well as being ideal items for the gym, but they can also be matched with a range of other outfits, including sports leisure, casual and stylish casual wear. Of course, making wholesale womens leggings look great for any occasion is related to how you style them. In particular, your footwear plays a vital role in the matching of leggings. Therefore, to help you look amazing while being cozy, we have selected a collection of the best shoes to wear with leggings. From classic sneakers to exquisite high heels, these footwear options allow you to almost any outing.

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  1. Wear Leggings with Lace-up Sneakers

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    Lace-up sneakers are undoubtedly the simplest shoes to pair with leggings. Thanks to the sporty athletic beauty of leggings and sneakers, the two are perfectly combined. Though you can match the look in some different ways, it is particularly fashionable when it has a sporty edge style. To show your style, start with a pair of print leggings and minimalist sneakers. Plus, add a stylish fitted crop top and hat. You can also add chic jewelry, such as hoop earrings to increase the posture.

  2. Style Leggings with Slip-on Sneakers

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    Lace-up sneakers are not the only type of sneakers that look pretty with leggings. These minimal pants can also bring seriously stylish touch to slip-on sneakers. Although the slip-on style still looks a bit sporty like a traditional design, its aesthetics are more minimal. As such, they present a more casual and relaxing atmosphere, making them perfect for weekend ensembles. So next time you need to run something on Sunday and want to look great, try matching a pair of cute leggings with some slip-on sneakers. A simple blouse and cosy coat will finish the look perfectly.

  3. Throw on Leggings with Loafers

    Loafers can be worn with leggings to make a surprisingly stylish look. Thanks to their trendy and graceful appearance, they can be used to modify the leggings you wear to create a smart appearance. If you are not sure how to wear the combination, try throwing on it with a long, button-up blouse in a stylish print. In order to increase the polishing effect, you can also throw a jacket on over the top. The final look will be exquisite and stylish yet comfortable and leisure.

  4. Put on Leggings with Ankle Boots

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    Ankle boots are a classic and unique choice of footwear that can work with various types of pants, including leggings. Though they look stunning with traditional leggings, you can also consider trying them with a leather pair. Combine black high-heeled ankle boots with leather leggings and you will have an edgy and on-trend outfit immediately. Just pair the combination with a solid long-sleeve bodysuit and a chic outerwear for an amazing look that can easily take you from day to night.

  5. Style Leggings with Over-the-knee Boots

    You can never go wrong pairing leggings with over-the-knee boots in the coat winter. This look is not only fashionable but can also be quite sexy. Therefore, do not rely on your skinny jeans for nights out, consider trying a pair of classic leggings instead. As well as being more suitable than jeans, leggings will also fit better in terms of self-cultivation. To modify the look, try styling your leggings and long boots with a slim turtleneck sweater and a classic trench coat for an edgy all-black look.

  6. Wear Leggings with High Heels

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    Do you also think that heels don’t work with leggings? Think again. Pumps can actually partner perfectly with leggings to create an extremely sophisticated look. Striking a balance is the key to making the garment work for you. As leggings and high heels will make your bottom half look slender and slim, try to balance them with something looser on top. In particular, a sexy floral lace bodysuit can work fabulously with your leggings and heels. You can also add a loose sweater or a large coat over the top if the weather is so cold.

  7. Wear Leggings with Flats

    Thanks to their simple and slim design, flats can be perfectly matched with leggings. As such, the combination should be the first choice for a look that is casual yet stylish. There are countless choices when it comes to deciding what to wear on top, and the final decision id yours. You could try a white shirt and leather jacket, a jersey dress or something else. Since your bottom part is minimal, you will be free to experiment with your top half.


Leggings look stunning with various different types of shoes. Embrace a casual sporty look by wearing them with lace-up or slip-on sneakers. Slippers and sandals also provide another casual feel, which is perfect for the warmer months. If you want to wear them to the formal events, throw on a pair of high heels or flat shoes for a formal yet sophisticated vibe. Finally, for a little more of a sexy image, a pair of boots is enough. Try ankle boots or even something above the knee for extra special.

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