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The color red is the new rage in fashion this season. Whether you choose long, short, or medium length red dresses, you can find an appropriate style to flatter your figure. Red is the most festive color and gives any outfit the extra pizzazz it needs to be a hit. Red dress styles are usually either sophisticated and feminine or naughty and sexy, depending on the shade and style of the dress. Here are just a few fabulous red dresses that will definitely turn heads this spring.

Lush reds and silks have been dominating fashion shows this season. Long, short, or medium length long red dresses are all in vogue right now, and you can find them in an array of colors, from creamy to bold red. Long, luscious red dresses bring some serious sass to your table and also show off a whole lotta booty, while more formal, shorter red dresses drop at your ankle or midriff for a glamorous red-carpet appearance that will really make you feel like a celebrity. Other fashion styles you will adore this season are sexy red dresses paired with plunging necklines, off-shoulder short red dresses, and open-back red satin slips.

If you are feeling a little daring, try the open-backed, lacy little red dresses that flatter your figure. These sexy little red dresses come in many different shades and patterns, from the gentle lilac to the ravishing fuchsia, and there is one to fit your unique sense of romance and sexiness. These strappy, off the shoulder, scoop type red dresses are so soft and romantic that they could make a bride look like a goddess on her wedding day. Open-backed baby doll dresses are also a hot option, especially if you are looking to add a splash of color to your matron’s ensemble.

Want to wear red dresses to a red carpet event or red carpet party? A beautiful red gown with a stunning red sash would be absolutely fabulous. If you are the “I’m not a Fish” type, you could still go for the red dresses. The red silk bubble dresses are a current favorite for many brides. They have a fresh pop of color and yet they are well fitted and comfortable for a date night with your favorite guy. If you aren’t quite that daring, choose one of the many short, flowy, A-line dresses that offer just enough style and sex appeal to make a lasting impression on your date night.

You can always find a strappy, fun little red dress if that is what you are seeking. A simple strapless red dress is an excellent choice for the younger red dress wearer. For example, there is the beautiful strappy A-line Mini Dress. This fun little dress hugs the hips and comes in just enough form fit for a picnic and plenty of dancing to keep the evening fun and interesting. If you are looking to show off your legs in an eye catching way, try a short, knee-length number with a V-neckline and embellished with rhinestone trim on the bodice and skirt.

No matter which style or color of red dress you are seeking, there is sure to be a fantastic dress to flatter your figure and add a touch of sparkle to your evening. If you are looking for an off-the-shoulder red dress that shows off your curves, but doesn’t have too much color, there are many gorgeous off-the-shoulder styles to choose from. Choose a dress that suits your body and your skin tone for maximum impact and drama.

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