Wedding Lighting Ideas by Style: From Experts


Undoubtedly, a beautiful marriage is everyone’s dream. Most youngsters start fantasizing about how they want to get their wedding organized when their time comes. Girls love to have well-organized and flawless wedding receptions. But everyone has experienced visiting other’s marriages in their lifetime and what has attracted everyone about wedding party is the decor.

The decorations and arrangements play a crucial role in an event. The most significant factor of decor is Lighting. Wedding lighting can drastically transform your venue from ordinary to mind-blowing and make everything look even more beautiful on your special day.

Lighting can impact the overall look and feel of your event space and the mood of your guests reasonably.

The proper wedding lighting aggrandizes the look of your venue and highlights the essential elements of your décor, like the centrepieces, or makes certain areas of the space focal points, like the dance floor. Photographers love wedding lighting since it gives them additional visual elements to utilize in their pictures and makes for beautiful wedding photos.

Here are some Wedding Lighting ideas by style:

In any confusion regarding your wedding style, check with your wedding lighting designer for the below. It will, of course, help you if you are searching for soft, romantic Lighting or bountiful glamorous Lighting:

  • Romantic Lighting: If you’re hosting a classic or romantic wedding, you can’t go wrong with tons of string lights, candlelight, and crystal chandeliers. Keep the glow warm and soft to establish a cosy ambience that makes guests feel welcome and positive.
  • Rustic Lights: If your style is more rural, you should go for bulb pendant lights, antique lanterns, paper lanterns, and marquee lights. These will fetch a raw, natural feel to your wedding design. To compliment your rustic vibes, your Lighting should have an at-home sense, which needs simple Lighting with a hint of glamour.
  • Modern Wedding Lights: If your style is modern and minimal, it will best fit for vases with spotlights, floating candles, and colour washing–all of which can provide drama without too much fuss. You’ll probably need to opt for LED lights because they render more vibrant colours than traditional bulbs.
  • Glamorous Wedding Venue Lighting: You should go for more dramatic lighting sources if you love a charming style. It can include anything from candelabras, lit topiaries, crystal chandeliers and curtains of lights. 

In addition to your wedding style, you should also ponder what elements of your wedding are most important to you. If you invested a large portion of your budget into the flowers, you would need to be sure they are sufficiently lit with pin spots or flameless candles so your guests can see every detail. If you’re more excited about getting everyone on the dance floor, opt for Gobo lights, disco balls, or texture lights to keep the party vibe up.

Not sure where to provide Lighting? Check the list of all the places to keep light in mind for your special day:

  • Dance Floor
  • Overhead Lighting and ceiling hang lights
  • Reception Tables
  • Ceremony Backdrop
  • Lounge Areas
  • Sweetheart Table Backdrop
  • Bar
  • Dessert Table
  • Guestbook Table
  • Food Station Backdrop
  • Food Station Backdrop
  • Photo Booth
  • Ceremony Aisle
  • Cocktail Table

Most importantly, you should discuss your vision for your wedding décor with a lighting designer who can understand your perspective and turn them into reality when considering wedding lighting. Some people choose a more subtle lighting design for their wedding, while others prefer a more elaborate one. It is necessary to work closely with your lighting company to make sure they understand your vision.

If still, you are unclear, you shall seek guidance from an experienced lighting designer in your area.

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