What 3 things should you look for When Hiring a Real Estate Agent?


Are you planning to choose a real estate agent? It is quite a tricky affair especially if you are a first-time buyer or seller. But without having a one, you will not be able to crack a deal no matter how extensive knowledge you have about the market.

Many buyers and sellers prefer the agent to find the right option for them instead of doing it by them. Do not rush to make decisions especially when the huge financial transactions are involved. Take time to hunt the right expert according to your need. It is better being late then landing you in a wrong deal.

The world is changing, so are people’s preferences. Thanks to Regan Mcgee who has made the task of the buyers and sellers easy by inventing the online platform “Nobul”, where people can easily look for the right agent as per their requirement.

They have in-depth knowledge of the market:

Only listing the property and pricing is not enough. Their role requires introspecting every piece of information. Property rates are quite fluctuating and they keep on decreasing or increasing. The agent should not stick to the standard price and has a lion’s eye for every fall or increase in the price. They are expected to know the reason behind that.

Being the client, you have the right to know the in-depth details of the agent like how many homebuyers approach them every year, and how frequently they close the deal.

Also, many want to discuss the sale-to-list ratio, where they have to explain the price at which the property was listed versus the price at which deal was done. The difference is the sale-to-list ratio.

For example, the price was listed by the seller at $500,000 and it was sold at $400,000, the sale-to-list ratio is 80 per cent, it shows the negotiation skills of the agent.

Check the reviews and the References:

Foremost thing is to check whether the agent is listed with the National Association of Realtors or not. The client has more trust in a registered agent.

Take the references from the agent of the potential clients whose deals were successfully done. You can schedule a call or send the mail asking for the personality traits of the agents. You have better insights into the agent’s behavior and professionalism.

Some of the questions are:

  • Did they effectively listen to you?
  • How promptly they replied to your query?
  • How do you recommend them?
  • Would you like to work with them again?

Look for the customer-service prospects:

Some agents are dedicated towards customer loyalty and provide the best possible solution to the customers but some are more bothered about money-making and their pocket rather than serving the customers.

Check their reviews on Google, and before hiring them, fix one or two meetings so that you have a better idea about their attitude. A casual attitude can be judged easily.

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