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Cricket sports cards are trading cards usually made for the ardent fans of the game. So, whenever you hear Cricket Trading cards, you usually think of the traditional definition of them; a trading card game for children and the fans featuring statistical information about different cricketers. But with virtual and augmented reality stepping in, the definition of cricket sports cards is beginning to change.

So, what if I tell you that now you can exclusively digitally own a particular moment in the history of the Cricket world in terms of cricket sports cards. Yes, you heard it right. With Rario being one of its first kinds of cricket-based digital collectibles platforms, you would have a golden opportunity to collect those moments in the form of cards. The moments are carefully curated by cricket experts & analysts, making sure that cricket fans have the most heart-thumping, adrenaline-pumping moments to collect & showcase.

Every collectible- audio, video, moment card will have a unique serial number and unique identification tied with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Technology. This would mean that you will be among a selected few fans who own a particular moment of action.

The moments & player cards come in ‘Packs’ — which is a collection of two or more moments or cards, curated according to a theme. Examples of themes include packs for a particular edition of a league, or for the type of plays (like catches, wickets, shots).

Fans can purchase packs to reveal the moments & cards and add it to their collection. They can also put these moments on sale on the marketplace and trade with fellow fans.

The packs come in tiers of Silver, Gold, Black, and Unique depending on the rarity of the moments that they contain.

Most packs will also have a fixed circulation, which means only a limited number of fans can own the moments from those packs.

What do Moment Tiers & Serial Numbers signify?

The Rario Moment Cards are categorized in tiers based on how special the moment is; which decides its rarity and circulation. The tiers, in ascending order are Silver, Gold, Black, and Unique.

For example, the Dhoni World Cup-winning six could be a collector’s item available only to a few super-duper-fans who would love to own and flaunt it (and maybe trade it for a cool return on the marketplace!) That would make it a Black or Unique tier Moment Card.

But, Dhoni’s trademark helicopter shot, from say his 148 against Pakistan, could be owned by many more fans by virtue of being in higher circulation. That would make it a Gold or Silver Moment Card.

The Serial Numbers (SN) denote the circulation, or how many times has the moment been ‘minted’. Make sure you snag the early SN or some SN which is related to the player, like 7 is to Dhoni — since they traditionally increase in value.

For the very first time, passionate lovers of Cricket could participate in the digital ecosystem for the Cricket collectibles where they can buy, sell and trade the digital collectibles like sports cards and will also have a platform to showcase their in-depth knowledge about the sports.

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