What Are Preference Shares?

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What Are Preference Shares? Preferred stocks are other names for preference shares. These are some particular types of shares as preference shareholder gets the priority of paying dividends. Also, when sharing profit preference, shareholders get priority over other kinds of shareholders. Perhaps at the time of the company’s liquidation, rewards are issue for preference shareholders first, and before common shareholders, preference shareholders have priority over companies’ assets. Preference shareholders get the fixed rate of dividend. However, they don’t receive any voting rights advantage. 

Those investors who stayed in the stock market for a long time must go for preference shares. Because as compared to ordinary shares, preference shareholders get higher returns.  

It has been observed that many companies are coming out of the different types of preference shares. In this manner, they can cover both equity and debt shares. These shares are also categorise under hybrid financing instruments. 

Globally, the market runs borne by over the last few years. That’s why numerous investors are looking towards preference shares as they give higher returns than ordinary ones. 

But while investing in any preference or ordinary shares, one needs to understand how the share market works and the right ways of investing in the share market. Before investing, one needs to make a proper plan and strategy to face a considerable loss. Because as we know, the stock market is uncertain, so never invest in it if you don’t see how it works. You can join the Stock Market Institute in Delhi to gain stock market knowledge. 

Features of Preference Shares? 

There are many features of preference shares. These features prove advantageous to the investors. Only because of this reason preference share is consider the most common. Even during market recessions, preference shares manage to yield good returns. Some of the best features of the stock market are:

Right to dividends

This is the most attractive feature. Preference shareholders have the first right to get fix dividends and earnings remaining after profit distribution to equity shareholders. 

Voting rights

Although preference shareholders cannot vote on all the decisions in a company, they can vote on matters that affect the rights of preference shareholders.

Types of preference shares

Preference shares can be of many types. Now that we know what are preference shares, we shall be able to understand their types properly. The most common types of preference shares found in India are mention below.

  • Redeemable preference shares – The company can repurchase shares at a fixed date or after serving proper notice before the shareholders.
  • Irredeemable preference shares: The company can only redeem shares when winding up or liquidating. 
  • Convertible preference share – Such share can be converted into equity shares after the expiry of a particular period, as stated in the company’s memorandum of association.Non-convertible preference shares – Not possible to convert into the equity shares in such kind of shares
  • Cumulative preference share – Dividends not paid in one year are carried on to be paid to the shareholder in the next year along with the following year’s dividend.
  • Non-cumulative preference share – However for the following year carry forward of dividend is not possible. Dividends get lapsed if it’s not paid for the duration of one year
  • Participating preference share: Shareholders have the right to receive a stake in the remaining profits after paying a dividend to equity shareholders, apart from the fixed dividend entitled to them.
  • Non-participating preference share – The fixed dividend is the only right to be received by shareholders. On the companies, excess profit non-participating shareholders don’t have the right to get claims 


Investors who wish to have continuous fixed returns over a long period should opt for preference share. Their advantages attract a lot of long-term investors. Preference share also have a wide range of different features based on the type of preference share you choose. By which individual can make the most suitable investment option. Also if you want to learn right way od investment then enroll in Stock Market Course in Delhi

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