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What Are The Application Areas Of Electromagnetic Shielding?


The technology surrounding us is made up of various components. It works on applications that are maybe beyond the thinking of a layperson. We now live in a world that is driven by technology, and due to all these appliances around us, the interference in the signal of the device is more than before. Yes, the interference. Any electronic device works with signals which cannot be seen with the naked eyes. As an owner of multiple devices, you need to know that if you are using two or more appliances at the same time, it is because they are shielded from the electromagnetic interference that will cause hindrance in their working. The electromagnetic waves will interfere with the working of the device, which means you would not be able to use the appliance properly. Every device in your home uses shielding against electromagnetic interference, which is commonly known as EMI shielding. EMI shielding will help the device to function without interruption of the signal. Without EMI shielding, you would not be able to use more than one device at a time. 

Electromagnetic interference can be of three types. These are the disturbances created by the changes in currents and voltages caused naturally, human-made, or internally. Look at your surrounding and observe that multiple devices used by multiple people surround you. If there was no shielding against electromagnetic interference, you all would be sitting around just looking at your devices.

To understand more about the appliances and devices that use electromagnetic shielding, below are some of its application areas:

Automotive industry:

Who does not want to own an automatic vehicle? See, technology in transportation as well. The manufacturing of smart vehicles is an indication enough that they are using EMI shielding to protect the vehicles they are bringing to the market. The technology used in smart vehicles will include every feature that will make your drive easy. And technology is what makes your life easy. Smart vehicles will use a high level of electronics and protect them from electromagnetic interference, and the manufacturers are opting to shield them. 

Telecommunication industry:

There is more than one smartphone in a family. Smartphone has changed the lifestyle of a person drastically. Now, you do not want a PC at your side to do most of the work because a smartphone contains all the required features, which is why everyone around the globe now owns a smartphone. The components of the smartphone need to be shielded from the electromagnetic waves do not mess with the working of the phone. Thus, EMI shielding provides all the smart devices protection against the unwanted radio frequencies that may cause hindrance. 

Defense forces:

EMI shielding for defense? Why not? Defense is using all kinds of technology for the protection of their country and their soldiers. They would not want their devices to stop working properly because of the electromagnetic waves. It will be a loss for the defense forces if their devices stop working in between or catch the unwanted radio signals. That is why to protect their drones and other electronic devices, defense is using EMI shielding. 

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