What Are The Benefits Of Oil Massage After Pregnancy?


Do you appreciate being touched? Did massage help you with aches and pains during your pregnancy? Do you want to be pampered and healed now that your baby is here? I’m here to assist you if you respond yes to these questions. Postpartum massage therapy in NW Calgary and elsewhere is a full-body massage performed within the first 12 weeks after your baby is born. Continue reading to learn how postpartum massage therapy at a massage clinic in Calgary or elsewhere can help you and what to expect.

Benefits of Postpartum Massage

While the description of postpartum massage in Calgary or elsewhere may not appear to be anything special, it can help you recover faster and boost your mood. Postpartum massages usually incorporate many of the same features as regular massages. After giving birth, women who get a massage will likely discover several physiological and emotional advantages associated with massage in general.

  • Consult your doctor and massage therapist if you’ve had a cesarean delivery to ensure it’s safe. Some massage therapists refuse to deal with clients who have undergone surgery within the last six weeks.
  • If you’ve had blood clots during pregnancy or in the past, your doctor may have already advised you to avoid massage.
  • Massage has several general advantages, including pain alleviation, stress reduction, and relaxation.
  • While these are compelling reasons for anyone to get a massage, new mothers, in particular, may benefit from it. Massage has unique health benefits for women in their fourth trimester.

Decreased Swelling

During childbirth, many moms notice that their bodies enlarge. Massage can assist in the redistribution of water throughout the body and the drainage and circulation of extra fluids.

Improved Milk Output

Massage can be a terrific approach to enhance circulation and the required hormones for parents trying to increase their breast milk supply.

Hormonal Management

Hormones vary regularly in the postpartum body. In addition to contact, many massages use essential oils, which can help improve one’s mood and support hormonal balance.

Anxiety Reduction

The “baby blues” or even postpartum depression affect many new parents. Getting a massage might help you relax and feel less worried and unhappy.

Better Sleep

Everyone understands that new parents require as much sleep as possible! Massage can help parents unwind and prepare their bodies for restful sleep.

Uterine Massage

Your nurses or midwife most likely administered the fundal massage after the birth. Medical experts utilize fundal massage to assist the uterus in contracting back down to its standard size. Light abdominal massage may be suitable for up to 2 or 3 weeks following delivery or until the lochia has cleared. But proceed with caution: uterine massage might be hazardous if too much pressure is given. Before attempting abdominal massage at home or with a massage therapist, consult your doctor or medical provider. Abdominal massage is not advised for the first six weeks after cesarean delivery.


As soon as you feel ready, begin the postpartum massage therapy at a wellness clinic in Calgary or elsewhere. Some hospitals even provide a postpartum message to mothers in the days following their delivery! A back massage one day after delivery considerably lowered anxiety in new mothers. Check with your doctor before obtaining your first postpartum massage if you had a C-section or a complex delivery. Specific massage techniques might not be suitable for your recovery.

There is no set number of massages you should obtain after giving birth. Many new parents have massages once or twice a week for the first several months after delivery, while others only get one or two massages.

Time, personal resources, and health considerations can all influence how many and how often you get postpartum massages. So book an appointment at a wellness clinic in Calgary or anywhere you live.


Getting a direct billing massage therapy in Calgary or anywhere else after giving birth has numerous advantages. They include hormone regulation, increased milk production, and even edema reduction. You may want to have a massage every week for the first 12 weeks after birth, or you may only want one. Check with your doctor or midwife before beginning your massage therapy program to verify your body is healed enough to start.

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