What are the benefits of wearing rigger gloves?

Wearing rigger gloves


Many professions and occupations involve high-risk tasks and constant contact with harmful substances. These professions include engineers, construction, forest, factory, etc. All these occupations require people to work in harmful and dangerous situations, which is why there are many safety guidelines for the workers in such places to ensure their safety. These guidelines include following certain protocols and wearing safety gear and clothes like helmets, glasses, rigger gloves, boots, etc.

Moreover, you can use some safety gear for your benefit if you get involved in such situations. For example, if you are visiting a construction site, you will have to wear a safety helmet because there are always high risks of concrete rubble falling. Similarly, if you are required to do a hard task with your hands, you must wear rigger gloves because they will keep your hands safe as they are built with leather and tough fabric that provides enough cushioning between your hand and the extreme friction of external objects.

The following points list all the benefits of wearing such gloves:


One major benefit of using these gloves is that they are breathable. Some gloves have good internal cushioning, but they suffocate the skin by not allowing air to pass through. However, this is not the case with rigger gloves, as they allow air to pass through so that your skin can breathe and let the heat escape. Breathability is extremely important because if your hands feel fresh, they can execute the task well.


Most work-related gloves don’t last long because of constant friction and impact. They start wearing off. However, rigger ones don’t wear off easily because they are built with strong, high-quality fabric. So, even if you are lifting heavy loads or working in agriculture, the gloves will last a long time. You will only have to ensure that the gloves are made with good quality fabric.


The major benefit of using these gloves is that they protect the sensitive areas of your hands like knuckles, fingers, and wrists. These areas have sensitive joins that can get fractured because of sudden impacts. But if you are wearing proper protection gloves, it will keep your hands safe from impact injuries. Before buying a pair, you should try it and check if the gloves provide thick layers in such areas to provide added protection.

Grip and fit

You will only be able to enjoy all the benefits of your gloves when they fit you properly. If you buy the wrong size of gloves, they won’t be able to protect your hands from injuries because you will need proper grip and freedom of movement. The wrong fit will restrict your finger movement. For example, if you work at a construction site and have to pick up heavy loads, the wrong pair of gloves can loosen your grip on the materials you are holding, and it might fall. You can also experience bruises, scratches, and cuts. So, it is important to buy your gloves in the perfect size; more than that, it is essential to wear them properly.

Insulated insides

Many rigger gloves come with insulated insides that keep your hands warm even in the coldest weather conditions. So, if you are required to work in a cold climate, you must invest in gloves with insulated insides.

You can find many brands that manufacture good quality rigger gloves for people. Such gloves will benefit you by keeping your hands safe and protected.

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