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Security cameras are extremely important. No business security plan is complete without them. They help deter theft not only by intruders but also from employees and customers. Besides this, you can count on the cameras to identify suspects and curb time-wasting behaviors. But you have to get the placement of the cameras right. Otherwise, investing in them would prove futile. If you have purchased security cameras for your business and are looking for advice on where to place them, you have come to the right place. Our Bristol Security Guards have been helping Bristol businesses with their security needs for many years.  Here are some of the best places to install security cameras.

1. Entrance and Exit

Every Bristol business should have security cameras at its entrance and exit. When you place the security cameras at these two important places, you not only get to track who enters the building but also how long they stay. You can rely on the cameras to get a good look at everyone that comes in and out of your commercial premises. They also act as a deterrent to anyone wanting to commit a crime. Place the cameras near an item that would instantly catch everyone’s eyes to get a clear picture.  

2. Points of Sale

The next best spot to place security cameras is the points of sale. Wherever there are cash registers, there need to be cameras. It not only discourages customers from stealing but also helps keep an eye on employees. When you install these cameras at the points of sale, you have to ensure that they are pointed where customers stand and should not be more than seven feet high. The last thing you want is to get just the customers’ hairs on camera.

3. Reception

The reception is also an important spot to place security cameras. Since it is one of those areas that are highly trafficked, it has to be fully covered by security cameras. It is up to you to do it subtly or be obvious about it. Modern technology has made it possible to place cameras easily without making things obvious. The cameras can be hidden just about anywhere such as clocks, sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, and frames. 

4. Exterior

Although valuable business assets might not be placed outside the building, it is still a good idea to install security cameras outside. The fact is that crime can start outside. External security cameras help protect cars parked in the parking lot and keep tabs on employees when they receive shipments. The cameras would record everything, from license plate numbers to outside activity. Law enforcement will find the external cameras to be helpful when it comes to recovering stolen goods.   

5. Secluded Spots

Finally, to ensure maximum coverage at the workplace, you also need to install security cameras at secluded spots. Even though you might find it strange to place security cameras in places that are rarely visited by customers, these spots may act as breeding grounds for criminal activity. Hence, it is in your best interests to install security cameras at secluded spots.


Installing security cameras at your workplace just got a whole lot easier with our post. Make sure to follow our advice to deter crime. If you require further information and assistance with setting up your site security do not hesitate to contact our Bristol security guards company today!

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