Why Peanut butter is a most healthy foodstuffWhy Peanut butter is a most healthy foodstuff


If your bowel movements are not regular or less than three times a week, this is a situation called constipation. Constipation an issue related to the digestive system of the human body. When the human body does not excrete the waste, it leads to constipation, where the person fails to empty their bowel. You can try all the remedies for it, but sometimes constipation needs medical attention. This is not a laughing matter, so do not hesitate to share with your family members or friends so that either they can suggest you some home remedies or recommend a good clinic that provides the service of waste removal. You will know that you are suffering from constipation if you face difficulty or straining while passing stool, passing less stool than usual, or having a lumpy dry or hard stool. Do not take this matter lightly. The more you will delay calling for medical help; the more problematic the situation will become. 

Below are some common reasons for constipation:

Unbalanced diet:

If your diet does not have enough fiber, it will lead to constipation. A diet should be a balanced one, and people do not take fiber in the name of a diet plan which is not acceptable. You have to keep your food rich in fiber which you can get in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, lentils, chickpeas, etc. Consumption of low fiber foods like cheese, highly processed foods, fast food, chips extra does not make a good diet. 

No physical activity:

Sitting or lying down for the whole day and not doing any physical activity will lead to fewer bowel movements. It is important that you should at least take a walk after every meal so that your body movement should be active. The less your body will move in the whole day, the more issues your digestive system will face. Physical activity is important to keep your body in shape. 


Constipation can be a side effect of some medications. If you are on some medications, you should know if those have some side effects or not. If you are not sure, you can always consult your doctor if you ever have the symptoms of constipation and are not getting any better even after remedies. And if some medicines are the reason behind your constipation, you immediately need to get medical help to solve your problem. 


Aging is a contributing factor if you are suffering from constipation. The aged people’s digestive system does not support the digestion of most of the food. Also, it takes more time for their digestive system to pass food through the digestive tract. They have to consume food that is light and does not have much protein.


Drinking less water will lead to constipation. When you drink water regularly and after time intervals to keep your body hydrated, this will prevent constipation. The consumption of liquid in any form will help you to stay hydrated. You can consume fruits that have natural fluid, juice, or soups. But the people who suffer from constipation should avoid some fluids like coffee, sodas, and alcohol. 

Visiting a new place:

When you visit a new place, you will have to eat the food and drink water there. Some people cannot digest the food and water of other places, which ultimately leads to constipation or other problems related to the digestive system. If you are at a new place and planning to live there for long, or are on vacation, then you need to get medical help so that your stay can be peaceful and you can enjoy your stay.