What is the eligibility criteria for DAT exam


According to Ricky, an academic expert at Myassignmenthelp, “DAT or Dental Admission Test is basically a standardized exam that involves multiple-choice questions or which could be abbreviated as MCQs. DAT exam is taken up by all the potential students of the dental school which are located in Canada and in the United States. This particular exam is based on a computer which in turn could be administered on any day of the year.

All the dental students aiming to apply for the DAT exam must pass their high school in a successful manner. All the students aspiring to appear for this particular exam must possess a minimum of fifty percent of marks in various kinds of subjects like that of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in their high school exams.

What is Mandatory?

Additionally, it also becomes mandatory for all the applicants of the exam in securing at least fifty percent in their respective secondary exams for pursuing their degrees in any kind of dental challenge which obviously focuses more on the score of the DAT exam which has been pursued by the students.

DAT exam is based on science and students possessing clear knowledge with respect to the concepts of Physics, Biology as well as Chemistry. On the other hand, the students who would be taking this exam should additionally possess good knowledge regarding both generals as well as organic chemistry both at the same time.

The best and the most appropriate time of taking this particular exam is mostly when the spring semester is about to complete. It would be of many benefits if the exam is taken just when the junior year is about to end. Additionally, it would also be of great help to all the applicants if it becomes possible for all the applicants in taking this particular exam after their immediate completion of several kinds of courses of organic chemistry.


One of the condition of this exam is that if any of the applicants failed to achieve marks according to her or his expectations or desires, they certainly have to wait for ninety consecutive days for again taking their tests and giving their best performances. Several kinds of practice test of this particular exam needs to be taken by all the applicants of this exam.

The reason behind this is that taking up of numerous practice tests of this exam would turn helpful in making the students aware with respect to the format as well as the style of the paper. The utilization of the several kinds of practice tests which are offered by the DAT program also helps the students in practicing the method of solving the question paper of the DAT exam.

 This particular procedure would help the students in maintaining their time such that they could be able to complete the exam question paper before the arrival of the deadline for the completion of the exam. The highest score for this particular exam is approximately thirty. In the context of this exam, a minimum score of twenty is considered to be an average. The most interesting fact is a student who scores a minimum of eighteen becomes eligible for getting into any dental school.

But, on the other hand, if any of the applicants are willing to get into any sort of a prestigious dental school or into any kind of special program, then he or she has to grab a minimum score of twenty-one or more than twenty-one or more than twenty-one in order to achieve his or her dreams of studying in their desired dental schools.

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