The Microsoft partner network is designed to provide system builders, system integrators, managed service providers they are also provided with consultants and experienced Microsoft expertise which help them in working and guide all about the whereabouts of selling to their clients. In this article we will discuss about how to become a partner with  Microsoft , there are about three levels of becoming partners with Microsoft which includes Community, Subscription and competency level the last level is further divided into two kinds the gold and silver membership.

We will further discuss all three levels of partnership

Community Level:

Community level is one of the first levels of partnership with Microsoft, it is very attain for any partner and it is also cost effective yet it is still the least advantageous of all the levels. According to Microsoft it provides multiple benefits while attaining the Community level such as

It helps in product learning through Product Learning centre which provides different resources such as online classes and lectures and different courses, it also provides different virtual labs which helps in sharpening the marketing skills and enhancing the technical skills of the partner.

It also enables the access to different promotions and offered given to the existing partners of the Microsoft

Whenever the partner shows a remarkable sale multiple incentives are given in order to keep them motivated and dedicated towards their work.

Community partnership level holds a point place in the Microsoft online market place.

Subscription level:

Subscription level is categorized as the second level in the partnership with Microsoft this level is also known as Microsoft Action pack subscription level; it is available in two flavors which are explained as Solution MAPS and Design MAPS which both work differently. Similarly as community level the subscription level also holds its benefits such as

When you have upgraded to the subscription level you are given 10 internal use licenses for each Microsoft software application created.

The partner also gains unlimited access to the partnership learning centre.

This partnership also enables access to the Students to business programs in which the partners are able to gain interact with the currently trained employees working in Microsoft technology.

The partnership also gains a point place in the online market place.

It also enables the access of the partner to Microsoft Payment solutions which provide offers and services and flexible payment options to fulfill the customer’s IT needs.

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