What are the three Business Leadership Qualities You Need to Succeed and Why?


What business you are into? It is technological, appliances, FMCG, automobile; no matter whatever it is. All matters are great leadership skills and knowledge. Leadership is not about commanding people rather it is about bringing new ideas that give new life to the business and its product.

What if, you have the procrastinated approach, don’t want to be disciplined, not respecting the deadlines of the project, and don’t know how to manage the work and resources? Then how can you influence others and become a good leader?


Responsibility is not only limited to the success or failure of the task, but it has various parameters. It starts with the acknowledgment of the mistakes but asks yourself are you open to the feedback by the colleagues and the customers.

The responsibility starts the moment you have the project in hand. Planning and forecasting the resources and the strategy to complete the task. Troubleshooting the problem is the key role and finding the best ways to have the solution to the problem.

They are also accountable for the transparency in the organizational decisions; they take charge to learn from the mistakes. Also, have the patience to listen to the feedbacks and opinions from the community and work to overcome the weakness.


The leader’s role is to explore the new market and trend to survive and thrive in the business. How well you can bring an idea to the business and implement that matters a lot. Apart from building relationships with the community, they are accountable to take the business at the next level.

Critical thinking, curiosity, listening to other ideas, innovation, foresight, and observation; are some key skills that every leader needs to have to have good exposure and expand the business.

What if the leaders do not work towards expanding and is limited to a particular market or product? The business will not survive and soon the entrepreneur is forced to choose another profession. No matter what they have to persistently look for the new market segment and the new product. By doing so, they will make the customers happy so that they are committed to the business for the long term and also capture the new customers.

Team Empowerment:

The paramount part of every business is to delegate the work to the team and how they get the work done from them? Is the team ready to take the challenge? You have to get the necessary preparation done for that. Train them, provide them the resources, and evaluate the strength and the weakness of the employees.

To become successful, every firm needs an extraordinary leader like Eric Inspektor and others who can motivate their team. Eric Inspektor is the co-founder at CORFinancial Corp., a Toronto-based boutique merchant bank that aims at providing structured guidance on asset-based financing to small and medium-sized businesses in need of growth capital.

Leaders have to build trust in their employees. Their role requires setting expectations for them and prioritizing the task.

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