The areas of application extend to the entire body. By setting different intensity levels, it is possible to use the massage gun for frequently occurring shoulder and neck tensions, for muscle soreness and stiffness, glued fasciae or generally to improve mobility or mobility. In addition, it can also be used successfully in the treatment of acidosis, muscle acidification.

How is a massage gun used?

The use of a massage gun can be associated with some training and trial and error at the beginning. Above all, you shouldn’t drive over your bones as it is a muscular treatment. With regard to the body regions, different massage attachments can be used. The fork attachment is specially designed for the spine. On the other hand, a ball attachment can be used universally for small or larger muscle groups such as on legs, buttocks or arms. A thin cartridge attachment is ideal for the massage of trigger points or for a selective deep tissue massage.

Why are massage pistols useful for office workers?

Muscle guns have numerous advantages: They are light, easy to transport and, thanks to modern battery technology, can be used over a long period of time with one charge. Since especially workers who work in the office often have postural defects and are not sitting properly, this group of people often develop neck tension, which leads to tension headaches and other problems. Massage guns can quickly and effectively relieve tension at work and, for example, B. stowed in the bag.

What do good massage guns cost?

The spectrum ranges from very cheap to € 300 and more. However, there are often only marginal differences, so buying an expensive massage gun is not worthwhile. It is advisable to invest around € 100 for a model.

Are there any tests from the Stiftung Warentest?

So far, there is no relevant report by the Stiftung Warentest. Nevertheless, there are numerous YouTube videos on the subject and helpful reviews in the online shops, which can form an opinion.

Are massage pistols suitable for lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a form of manual, medical massage to specifically stimulate the lymphatic flow (detoxifying function, strengthening the immune system). B. significant thresholds under the skin can be reduced. Massage pistols are also suitable for stimulating lymphatic vessels in the leg, arm, stomach, etc. We do not want to answer “yes” in the end whether the handle techniques such as a scoop handle, a pump handle or the rotary handle can be completely replaced by a muscle massage pistol.

Is the Hypervolt massage gun recommended?

The Hypervolt Massage Gun is the first massage gun of its kind, which came onto the market in the UK at the time and caused a lot of enthusiasm. However, there are now numerous other models that offer a much better price-performance ratio with the same effectiveness.

Is it worth buying?

In our opinion, the purchase is definitely worth it. The recovapro Massage Gun in mini format is even easier to transport due to its size and lies comfortably in the hand during the massage. The lighter a model, the sooner it can be used by old to young. The battery capacity also seems to be quite sufficient. With the extensive scope of delivery, you can immediately start massaging painful areas on every part of your body.

Above all, the price-performance ratio is right here. One more reason to use this model. If it does not meet your own requirements, you can still make use of the 14-day right of withdrawal if you order online.

By saif