If you’re considering switching from cable TV, you need to know what streaming TV services offer. There are many benefits to switching over, but one downside is the loss of four main elements. These are live sports, live news, and smaller cable channels or local broadcast networks. However, live streaming services can duplicate some of these elements. Read on to learn more.

Free movies

These services are available on most streaming devices, including TVs and Rokus. In exchange for ads, they offer an almost limitless collection of movies and television shows from the 1900s to the present day. Several sites are available for free movie-watching, but some are better than others that are offering hundreds of movies for streaming. You can also sign up for email updates to get the latest free movie titles sent to your inbox. These services are popular with film buffs as they offer free movie content.

Cloud DVR

Streaming TV services at has added another convenience to your home entertainment experience where you can engage in an audio-optional for any space. As we move to technological advancement, some mostly prefer Cloud DVR over physical hard drives when recording. While it functions like physical DVRs, they store your recordings in an online data center. These services offer several benefits over physical DVRs, including mobile viewing and impressive storage limits. However, if you’re interested in a cloud DVR for streaming TV services, you should check the channel lineup first.

Aside from cloud DVR, you can stream and download content directly to your home. Some primary streaming TV services have standalone applications, so you might want a cloud DVR if you’re interested in those. Others create a local copy of online videos that you can transfer to another device.

Local channels

If you want to watch local broadcast channels, you may not need to subscribe to a streaming TV service. Most people don’t need cable or satellite TV to watch local broadcast channels. Instead, you can use your TV antenna to protect the most popular local broadcast shows.

Several streaming TV services offer local channels. These packages can range in price from $40 to $150. Suppose you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. In that case, you can use a digital antenna to receive local broadcasts without having cable or satellite. In some areas, local channels are free. Living in a rural area, you can watch these channels without paying a dime. If you still need a cable TV subscription, consider signing up for a free trial.

Your television is equipped with a coax port that doubles as an antenna port. This article will explain how to watch local broadcast channels without cable or satellite TV.

More choices than ever

There are now more options than ever for streaming TV fans. However, half of the consumers say they find it challenging to find the content they like. While 64 percent believe in the need for bundled streaming services, nine percent disagree. As the landscape for video content continues to change, consumers are looking for content that represents them and their tastes. While the demographics of broadcast television are distinctly different today, most viewers are white or male, and 44 percent are female. In addition, black and Hispanic people make up a relatively small percentage of viewers.