“Buying Instagram followers” is, as the name implies, buy instagram followers uk for money. As of 2021, Instagram followers are on sale on around 40 sites.

Foreign followers

Japanese followers

You can buy followers from various types of accounts for money.

How the follower purchase site works

If you use the follower purchase site, the number of followers on your Instagram account will increase by one of the following three patterns. Japanese follower distributors purchase from overseas.

The follower sales site side has manually created an account

Matching follower purchase applicants and poi activity applicants

Instagram follower quotes

The market price of Instagram followers varies considerably from 1 yen to 50 yen per follower.

Broadly speaking

Foreign followers: Cheapest 1 to 10 yen

Japanese followers: Cheapest 16-50 yen

The degree is the market price,

In general, the account type of a follower is Japanese, and the higher the account type is, the higher the real account is made by hand. Therefore, basically, the price and quality are often proportional to each other on any site. In my opinion, purchasing followers is one of the most powerful ways to create an opportunity to grow your Instagram account .

However, it is not completely risk-free, so be sure to consider the risks below and choose a purchasing site that will support your trusted follower growth. In other words, according to Instagram guidelines, you can’t sell or buy follow-ups and likes for money. The question then is whether buy uk instagram followers will freeze your account, but for now it can be said that there is no risk of freezing just by buying followers. The reason is my guess, but I think the main point is “prevention of mischief.”

Ultimately, if a large number of follow-up accounts are frozen from a mechanically created account, it means that someone else’s account can be frozen by mischief. However, follow-up from a mechanically created account is easily detected by the Instagram side, and it often decreases significantly after purchase, and there is a problem that it is easy for people around you to find out. Naturally, it is better to get follow-up from a natural and active account created by human hands.

Who on earth? Contact a follower distributor

What kind of company sells followers? You can find many vendors just by searching the internet for “buy followers”. There is a service that can increase the number of accesses, “followers”, and “likes” of all SNS such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

The homepage doesn’t even have a phone number, let alone the location of the company. Using the “customer” inquiry form, I sent an e-mail requesting coverage from one end. I wasn’t expecting it, but I received replies from several vendors. I was able to interview a man from a trader

Many people buy “followers” and “likes”?

“Ordinary children everywhere buy followers with a fashion sense of messing with their hair and buying good clothes. Models and entertainers are asked for the number of followers at the audition, so for the time being, there must be tens of thousands of followers. I can’t give a name, but I’ve increased the number of accounts of entertainers and famous athletes. However, it’s not the person himself, but the people around him and his fans who have ordered it. You may not be aware of it. ”

How do you increase your followers and likes?

“It can only be called a system, not human power. I don’t have a large number of accounts, and there are developers and collaborators outside ” As for the method, the man replied, “I don’t know because other people are doing it.” I didn’t know how to increase my followers.

I bought a follower

No other vendor could tell me a detailed story. So we decided to actually buy a follower and analyze that follower. Facebook, which operates Instagram, clearly prohibits selling or buying followers in the “Community Guidelines”, but this time for the purpose of reporting, it is a minimum to clarify the actual situation of follower buying and selling. I decided to operate within the range of. I did not post and deleted the account after verification.

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