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When you are working to be a rideshare driver for any company that has you transporting customers or goods from one place to another, then you need to purchase a rideshare insurance policy. If you have an incident of a car accident when you are driving for one of these companies and don’t have rideshare insurance. You are not enabled for your personal liability car insurance policy to cover the cost of damages, and you could even have your coverage decreased. If you belong to California and wondering about a rideshare policy. Stop yourself! A lot of insurance companies are available in California that provide you with the best rideshare insurance California. 

What is Rideshare Insurance in California? 

A rideshare policy in California is a sort of commercial auto insurance policy that is specifically designed for people who drive for rideshare or food delivery services. As soon as you turn on the vehicle to start taking passengers, a standard personal auto insurance policy will not be extended to cover you for damages. In fact, some insurance companies do not provide you with coverage for rideshare vehicles if they find that you used your car for a rideshare service without purchasing a rideshare insurance policy.

When you drive for personal use, then a standard liability, comprehensive, or collision insurance policy may be effective to purchase a rideshare policy. If you use your automobile vehicle to earn an income (beyond driving to and from your place of work), you will need a commercial insurance policy.

Standard rideshare car insurance policies are usually used for larger businesses. Such policies are organized to cover a fleet of vehicles or vehicles that are used only for commercial purposes. As such, it doesn’t commonly use for the person who sometimes drives for rideshare to purchase this type of policy. That’s why some insurance companies sell rideshare auto insurance coverage as a policy. Therefore, it provides coverage for one particular type of commercial use to drivers who are not necessarily running a full-scale business.

Coverages of Rideshare Insurance in California: 

Following are the coverages provide by the rideshare policy in California. These are:

Third-party liability coverage:

It will pay for bodily injury and property damage that may be caused to a third party from a car accident. A third party is someone or something other than the driver or their vehicle. 

Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage:

This coverage pays for injuries that are suffered by a rideshare driver and their riders if a car accident occurs during a rideshare trip and another driver is at fault who does not have a rideshare policy. This coverage also pays in the case of a hit-and-run accident.

The coverage limits provided by the California rideshare insurance company will vary by state.

Collision and comprehensive coverage: 

If you carry comprehensive and collision coverage on a personal auto insurance policy, the rideshare car insurance California company provides collision and comprehensive coverage during the time you’re going to pick up a rider or have a rider

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