What is an SEO audit?


An SEO audit is used to analyze your website in order to determine the points that influence its positioning in the search results (SERP) in a positive or negative way. Before formalizing any approach with a service provider or an SEO company, define the need you have. For example with us, either you enter through the SEO audit formula which includes an internal and external analysis for a flat rate of 1,500 euros excluding tax, or you choose an SEO audit, and the budget is tailor-made.

To understand this, it is necessary to analyze elements relating to technical aspects (technology, errors in the code, performance, version, security, markup, etc.) and editorial aspects (titles, meta, the ratio of text, length of pages, % of keywords, etc.).

A thorough analysis of all of these elements and many more allows you to obtain better visibility of the elements that are hindering your growth in the SERPs. It is also a way of highlighting what has been well designed on the website in question.

This necessary observation and analysis step result in a concise report with an explanation of the various main points. Generally, this report is completed with a corrections document so that your technical department can correct any errors.

How long does it take to complete an audit?

The SEO audit goes through several stages including the analysis of the keywords thanks to the competition, technical analysis of the website, and an analysis of the content present on the website.

The duration of an SEO audit will usually depend on the size of the site. Indeed, a site of 10,000 pages will take longer than a corporate site with fewer than 250 pages. If we absolutely had to give you a number in order to answer this question, assume that an audit generally takes between 1.5 and 3 days to produce. The duration between a signature and a deliverable is generally 15 days at seomarketingnerds.

What budget to devote to an SEO audit?

The answer to this question will once again depend on several factors which are not always the same depending on the site. But we will try to give you as much information as possible so that you can order exactly what you want if you ever want to use an SEO provider.

The reasons why companies and site owners do an SEO audit vary depending on the problem or need underlying the audit. Here are some scenarios we have seen in recent years:

The site has been losing positions for several weeks, the company does not really understand why this is the case. She wants to investigate her SEO, and find internal or external factors that cause these visibility concerns.

The site does not appear on any relevant query, no SEO work has ever been done before, the company wants to start doing SEO because its competitors are already doing it and it is a good lever for them.

The site is positioned very well on queries when no work has been done, the company wants to know if there is more interesting potential to search with specific keywords in addition to existing ones.

The company wishes to have visibility on the SEO of its competitors and thus orders a semantic analysis on these 20 core-business competitors in order to know the keywords which bring them the most traffic.

The company’s website has just been redone, they want to know if the technical overhaul went well and if the site from a point of view is optimized for natural referencing.

As you can see in the different examples above, the need is not the same and the elements to be audited are not always the same either. This is what influences the budget of an SEO audit the most.

The other point that will influence the audit budget is the size of your site. Indeed, the price will not be the same if you have a site with 700 pages and another e-commerce site with 28,000 pages.

It is important to note that this budget does not include the implementation of the recommendations given to you by the service provider, the latter will give you a report detailing what needs to be done to improve your site, but also the positive points that you can use.


Conducting an audit is always the most important first brick in building an SEO strategy. This is your foundation, the base that will feed your entire roadmap to achieve the best positions on Google. The budget for an SEO audit varies according to your needs and the size of your site, but if you have a standard request, you must plan for a budget of at least 1,500 to 2,500 euros excluding tax through an agency https://www.seomarketingnerds.com. You should get slightly lower prices with a freelancer, but the level of information may be less provided (unless they collaborate with developers and have real technical expertise).

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