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The Pitahaya, Pitaya or also called Dragon Fruit, is one of the tropical fruits on our list that not because it is the last means that it is less critical since this is one of the rarest fruits that exist because it is born from a cactus, and it is very resistant to droughts.

The Pitaya fruit has an oval shape, usually about 9 cm long and 5 cm wide; it has thorns on the outside that are pink and green and careful. Still, this fruit has many seeds that are very small, black inside, while along with the pulp that is smooth, sweet, and mushy, they make an excellent combination of flavors and textures.

The plant has long branches that can grow from a few centimeters to about 8 meters in height; its flowers only open at night, emitting a delightful smell and usually only live one night, during which time the pollination does let the fruit appear, the Pitaya.

The fruit not only grows on trees but also on dry logs, stones, and walls; as you can see, it is a very versatile fruit about its environment, and how it is born and grows, that is why we also mention that it has a vibrant flavor that looks like sugar water. Fildena 100mg and Super P Force is the best Cure for ED

How is Pitaya preserved and eaten?

When going to a supermarket, grocery store, market, or store to buy a pitaya, we can see that the pitaya fruit does not have too many spots on the outside, since it may already be too ripe.

Dragon fruit can eat alone, freshly cut, or with a little lemon, you can make juices and smoothies with its pulp, as well as it can add to salads, we can combine it in the kitchen as we want, thanks to its sweet flavor gives a lot of play.

Benefits of Pitaya for health

Among the health benefits of this tropical fruit, we can mention:

Thanks to vitamin C, Pitaya is one of the best-known and most exotic tropical fruits globally. Thanks to it, we can improve the absorption of iron from food to avoid or combat anemia, perfect for creating collagen, red blood cells, bones, and teeth.

It is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antitumor. Protects against cancer and heart disease.

It helps prevent kidney stones. That is why it is one of the best tropical fruits globally; they are also arteriosclerosis; it strengthens the immune system.

Improves intestinal transportation, its seeds have a laxative effect.

Varieties of Pitayas that exist

There are four varieties of Pitaya, although the most commercialized in two since this, compared to other tropical fruits, is much more beneficial for different types of people with various diseases and problems in the body, without more, these are:

The yellow Pitaya: Which is known for being one of the tropical fruits in which its pulp is white, and its skin is yellow with pink and green hues; this fruit is prickly and is grown in low areas of America, Europe, and western Asia; it is about 9 cm long about seven wide, a curiosity is that it is born green and turns yellow when ripe.

The red Pitaya:  It is known in the world of tropical fruits for its pulp and red skin, usually confuse by the interior that can also be purple depending on the area in which say fruit is being bought, it can measure about 12 cm long and 8 wide.

Curiosities of the Pitaya

Among the curiosities that we find about this fruit, we can mention the following:

The name of dragon fruit was given to them by the Asians who immigrate to Europe because the plant reminded them of a lot of the body of a dragon and save them from dying of hunger, that is why the story of how they call thus says that the dragon saves their lives.

From a cactus comes the Pitaya flower, one of the tropical fruits that only live one night and produces the dragon fruit.

In some areas, it is call the Flower of the Moon or Queen of the Night. Vigora 100 and Fildena 50 is the best ED medication.

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