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What is Home Theater Seating?


Leaving home for outside activities is a lot less popular nowadays.  With the COVID-19 pandemic and everything it has entailed, it’s really no wonder that a lot of us prefer to stay at home.  I know I’ve been really reluctant to go out.  Especially when it comes to visiting a movie theater.

That’s why I decided to make my very own theater at home instead!  It might feel unattainable and scary to try to design one, but hopefully I can destigmatize it for you.  Making one is a fun way to bring the joy of seeing a movie outside back to your home.

How to Start

Before you can get to work on designing and choosing what goes in yours, it’s probably a good idea to learn what one is.  A home theater should include some sort of audio and visual entertainment center.  For more information, you can read this page.

Usually, there is a large television that emulates what you might see in a paid theater.  Obviously, it will not be quite as huge, but that will be what you watch your movie on – so, of course it’s a key piece for the room.

You can even get your own projector for your room.  This was popularized in the early 2000s, but there is no reason you can’t do it now.  The thing about these rooms is that you generally will be using consumer grade electronics versus what a cinema may use.  The end goal is to replicate the mood, though.  This can be done in a variety of ways.

What to Include in Yours?

This is probably the hardest question.  It is a highly personal matter, to some degree.  It will all depend on what you want to feature in the room and what amenities you want for yourself.  There are a few key pieces you should definitely have, though.

Obviously, as I mentioned before, you will want a television.  I won’t linger on this too much for that reason.  You will also need some way to project the movie onto it – be that a projector, a DVD player, or a Blu-ray player, you will need to pick something.  Nowadays, even most gaming consoles will play them.

Next is the seating.  There are a lot of options here.  Some potentials are stadium home theater seating online, but remember to consider all your choices.  Decide what your priorities are with this furniture.

You will probably want comfort.  After all, who doesn’t want something cushy to sit on while you’re enjoying your entertainment?  You may also want a certain color, though when trying to replicate the feeling of a cinema, black, brown, or red are the most traditional.  Another feature to consider are cupholders, or even leg rests.

After that, you’ll want to think about the lighting you want.  Most cinemas have dark lighting, or ones that slowly dim.  This is totally attainable in a home theater – it just depends on how youopt to organize it all.  Look into your options – there’s a ton out there!

Don’t forget the speakers.  You might want to choose a surround sound system.  This is what I have.  It brings a rich and full atmosphere as you watch a movie or even television show, which is why it is my preferred style.  However, there are many audio system choices you could set up. 

Finally, there are few other finishing touches you could try.  A popcorn machine might be a fun addition – who doesn’t like to eat buttered popcorn while they watch something, right?  Also, you could insulate the walls of the room to prevent noise from escaping.  This both helps it be louder inside the room while not being a disturbance for the rest of the house.

Why at Home?

As I mentioned a few times, a home theater will be highly personal to you.  This includes your reasons for making one.  If you want some more insight on this, you might want to check out this website:

Perhaps you’re choosing to design a room like this for the convenience of it all.  Dragging the family out to a cinema can certainly be a pain.  Spending all of that money every time one comes out…well, it definitely adds up.

I’m not trying to say that in the short-term a home theater will save you money, but if you’re a movie enthusiast, it just might in the long-term.  It can also be a much more enjoyable experience.

No more having to miss a part of the movie because you have to use the restroom, for example!  Instead, you can just pause and return to the exact moment you left.  You can go get a drink or a snack at any moment too.

Overall, I would say if you’re an entertainment enthusiast, a room like this will be worth it.

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