POI is the name of both the particular object and what a person does with that object; it is generally a process of spinning the POI in a circular motion around the body. It originally comes from Maori, New Zealand. Today POI is very famous and plays an integral part in Maoridom and globally as a form of performances, play, and fitness. 

It is believed that the Maori men generally used POI to train strength and flexibility and Maori women as a form of entertainment. Refers to both style of performance art and the equipment used in POI performance; it involves swinging tethered weights through various rhythmical and geometric patterns. It is made from multiple materials with different handles, consequences, and effects. 

It is also effective for health benefits like it strengthens the grip, improves balance and attention after one month of POI practice, practice with and for performance get poi balls, and is also beneficial for health. 

Best beginners POI:

  • Classical/ Tail POI

The first to remember while buying POI is to measure your arms and buy which skill toy always comes down to personal performance. The length of the POI is essential and creates a huge difference in your performance and helps you progress.

For adults, the average length of the POI is around 50cm(20 inches)approx, and for children, 30cm approx. The shorter the POI is, the faster it will move; for beginners, it gives the extra time to see where the POI balls are going and positions yourself with it. 

  • Spiral POI

These are great options for beginners of all age groups; the children’s POI is 40 cm in length and easier to manage. It is similar to ribbon POI in design but with pieces of delicate fabric instead of multiple ribbons. 

Adults POI is 65cm in length are much more impressive visual effects. It has bright floating fabrics and catches UV lights which make it more unique. Hold one corner of the fabric together with finger troops to create a wing effect with it.

It gives little finesse to moves like the butterfly once you’re comfortable with its pattern, and it is very light in weight. 

  • Long-tail POI

Long Tail POI or Erick’s POI have two tails for each POI head and some of the longest on the market at 115cm long. The tails of this POI are made from ripstop nylon and fully stitched to prevent fraying. It gives excellent POI for parades and festivals are available in several bright colors selections; it makes Angel wings, Tube Poi, and tiny tails for small and complete beginners. 

Tails have significant visual effects; they can tangle very easily by anyone. If you want to improve in your practice and want to learn new tricks, find sock POI and Tube POI for better use. 

Tricks to beginners:

  • Position and holding techniques,
  • Spinning individually and together,
  • Infinite cross,
  • Turns while spinning.


POI is generally a popular act performing in festivals and parades. It is a general process of spinning the POI balls in different directions to form a design and a shape by using different techniques and positioning. 

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