Digital upright pianos mimic the look of an acoustic upright piano. Several features have also been added, such as different sound effects, internal metronome and transposition, which are not present in an acoustic upright piano. The new digital piano models are superior for the simple fact that they feel and sound just like a real piano. There are also some reasons to justify the purchase. By reading the following, you will gain an understanding of the good reasons to buy a digital upright piano. According to Steinway & Sons, a good quality upright piano usually starts at around $ 3,000. With the added cost of maintenance expenses, such as tuning and key repairs, you’ll find yourself spending extra money to keep an acoustic upright piano in top shape.

As we said, to buy one of the best upright pianos it takes a little over 3000 dollars, but there are some models that cost much more. With a digital one you won’t have to spend that much money, especially when it comes to repairs and maintenance. It is also a great decision to buy a digital upright piano if you are a beginner and then you can experiment to see if you would like to invest more in the future by purchasing a high quality acoustic piano. Acoustic pianos are noisy and can be annoying to neighbors. If you live in an environment where you are forced to practice in silence, a digital upright piano is the right type to buy. You can use the headphone jack so you don’t disturb others while you’re playing. The digital upright pianos reviewed below were chosen based on price, affordability, quality and customer satisfaction.

Discover the best digital upright piano

Roland DP-90SE-PEC:

Roland has truly outdone themselves with this high quality digital piano. The DP 90 SE is one of seven digital upright pianos offered by the company. The 90SE keyboard has Escapement, which gives it an authentic acoustic piano feel. Other keyboards mounted on digital pianos are not realistic enough if they do not have this function, which is the heart of the action done with the keyboard, and without it you would get a less functional keyboard. The keyboard has Ivory Feel keys, so your fingers will truly have the feel of playing on an acoustic piano. With Note Voicing, a controller in the Roland system that allows you to change the volume, pitch and tone for each key on the piano, you will have supreme control over the instrument. This keyboard is also compatible with Apple Roland apps.

Artesia DP-7 Deluxe:

The Artesia DP-7, Virgin Musical Instruments’ best digital upright piano, has a beautiful design. Virgin Musical Instruments has many other digital pianos that could be considered. This Artesia digital upright piano has weighted keys with excellent response so you can play excellently with this highly sensitive musical instrument. The internal metronome in this digital piano allows you to choose from many time signatures, such as 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, etc. and many different times for practicing in a qualitative way. There is a USB port for connecting other devices including a smartphone.

This model also has a keyboard split function, where one side of it can have a sound effect and the other side another. The transpose function allows you to easily change keys during playback. The power supply safety mode is another excellent feature. If you forget to turn off the instrument after playing it, it automatically turns off, which saves a great deal of money in energy costs.

Yamaha Arius YDP162B:

The Yamaha Arius is a very well known digital piano. The company has 8 other different models of upright digital pianos. The YDP-162 has a Graded Hammer action that is weighted to emulate the action of a real acoustic piano. The Synthetic Ivory keys also give the digital upright piano the same feel as the top quality acoustic piano. Featuring Yamaha’s PureCF Sound Engine, this digital piano reproduces a very realistic classic piano sound. The Yamaha Arius Acoustic Optimizer enriches the overall sound by adjusting the frequency and resonance. The 128 note polyphony also helps create a rich and powerful sound.

Yamaha YDP 142 – Check Price or Buy

The Yamaha YDP 142 is a digital grand piano with an 88-key weighted action keyboard. Audio sampling is based on Yamaha’s famous CFIIIS grand piano, which offers numerous levels of sonic dynamics. The weighted action is modeled on the hammers of an acoustic piano that offers a heavier touch in the low tones and a lighter touch in the high tones. This magical piano will certainly be worth a look.

Touch sensitivity can be used in three ways to match the style of sound. The damper pedal offers continuous response and the half-damper offers improved control. The YDP 142 also features several built-in voices from a different number of instruments including organs, harpsichord and vibes. The YDP 142 is available in two finishes: black walnut and dark rosewood

Casio PX 850 Digital Piano – Check Price or Buy:

The Casio PX850 features a full keyboard with 88 weighted keys using Scaled Hammer Action with three levels of touch sensitivity. Casio intended to make the most impressive digital grand piano ever and we have a hard time disagreeing with them. Its Acoustic & intelligent Resonator audio source captures the big, typical acoustic sound and the PX850 reproduces it beautifully. The 20 watt speakers will amplify your beautiful music and the impressive memory will allow you to store many music files.

Damper, String Resonance and Hammer Response systems have also been implemented to ensure the most realistic playback and listening experience possible. Also impressive is the instrument’s 256-tone maximum polyphony, the highest on the market. This superb polyphony allows each tone to be expressed when complex parts are played in more advanced pieces. There is no LCD screen, but this is an unimportant negative aspect considering the presence of so many functions that will leave you speechless. Obviously, high quality comes with high price levels and the choice of this model must be well thought out. If you do, you won’t be disappointed and you will look like a pro in no time.

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