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Now, this isn’t a whole list and there are many aspects to deliberate; however, these companies have an awesome standing and a history behind their name.

Not every person will agree, however at the least this is the ideal place to start whilst seeking excellent trucking companies to work for. Metromax Dispatch is one of the most trustworthy and reliable flatbed truck companies out there

1. Chelsea moving

We all have seen their big brown trucks, feasibly even had the delivery to us. They are based totally out of Sandy Springs, Georgia, with fatal in almost every foremost town.

Not handiest do they deliver over 15 million parcels a day, they function in over 200 regions and countries everywhere in the world! Just imagine what it is to develop this from a small messenger business world in 1907 to the multi-billion-dollar company it’s today.      

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One of the catch-phases of today’s enterprise world is ‘work-life balance’, and that is somewhat they try for. Their drivers get medical health insurance and other good advantages as a part of their repayment.

The drivers there, just beginning out, have common a part-time salary of $9 to $10, relying on revel in. Although their full-time drivers can earn a salary of $15 to $22 in step with hour. The usual repayment and environment lead them to one of the high-quality trucking companies to work for 


They are up till now every other large transportation company with a network of nearly 349 centers throughout the nations.

Furthermore, they claim a fleet of 32,119 trailers, 8,426 tractors, it’s miles estimated they can manage over 49,000 shipments according to day! Currently they rent about 25,000 people, a lot of whom drive the easily identified trucks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   They are some other companies that attempts to take care of their workers and staff. They are commonly a long-haul employer however still try to work with their drivers. They provide a great profits bundle and even extras, making the average profits around $50,000 in keeping with 12 months.


They are one in every of the most important privately owned trucking companies within the USA. They are based out of Green Bay Wisconsin and function all across the USA, Canada, or even into Mexico. They are considered a prosperity 500 company with 14,000 tractors, 40,000 trailers, and having aligned with almost 6,000 companies.                                                                                                                                                                   

They are a constant company with an elongated history of happy customers and are typically a long-haul company however nevertheless offer a good work-life balance. Moreover, it is said they’ve appropriate advantages and provide their drivers an average revenue of about $55,000 in line with 12 months.


They certainly are the utmost famous competitor to the United Parcel Service. They too provide good repayment packages and use the today’s computer technologies, bar codes, system for coping with and processing freight. They have grown into an international fulfillment.                                                                                                                                                               

Well, they have a decent pay scale in addition to offer good advantages. Also, they pleasure themselves of their preservation in their trucks and gadget. So now not just this is their safety score nicely maintained and their equipment operational, but additionally they pay their drivers a median hourly rate of $15 to $18, as well as a probable distance incentive.

5.  United Heavy Haul

There are the ones that could say they may be no longer only one of the exceptional trucking companies to work for, but that absolutely, This heavy haul company is the satisfactory within the world!

Not certain if absolutely everyone has the same opinion, but they are simply professionals within the art of turning in freight. In addition to the transportation aspect of the residence they provide supply chain referring and logistics managing solutions.

They are globally known and have excellent benefits package. This consists of medical insurance and different such benefits now not continually supplied at other places. Their driver’s average salary is $40,000 according to 12 months, but additionally they provide bonuses. 

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