Local SEO

In simple terms, Local SEO means promoting your business or services online in a local or specific location. Every small business and multi-location companies can grow their business and attract more customers using this type of  SEO. We all are looking for physical things near us, for example, if we have to go to a restaurant in a local area. If we ask Google to find a restaurant near me, Google will find all the restaurants near me and arrange them according to their Ranking.

Enterprise SEO

SEO for larger organizations with comprehensive and complex websites. It is for a larger and more established organization. Enterprise search engine optimization is for those websites that have many products such as the websites have many products to sell or services to buy. This type of SEO is to make sure that the visitors that everything is working in sync. Enterprise SEO is a field that needs high-level strategies to improve the revenue for a large organization. It is the best way to increase revenue and drive more traffic to the website. 

Difference between Local and Enterprise SEO 


In local SEO, there is a geographical limit, while enterprise SEO is no Brick and mortar business. Local SEO is associated with a company, which is physically present for the customers, but while doing enterprise search engine optimization, there is no such limit of geographical boundaries. 


SERPs are the search engine result pages. The purpose of SEO is to develop business and high-ranking in the search engine. Local SEO includes essential factors such as phone number while it’s not essential in enterprise SEO. 


Local SEO strategies include proper reputation management and link building on a local level. You must focus on the local content. Local SEO strategies have become more dynamic.

Enterprise SEO strategies include content expansion and focus on internal and external linking. In regards to content, you must become a content producing machine for successful enterprise SEO.

Difference in Tools

Many tools are available for local and enterprise search engine optimization, but all are not the best of them. Some of the best tools are mentioned below. The best local SEO tools include Google AdWords keyword planner, a local citation finder, Ahrefs, Moz local, Brightlocal, Synup, Yext, Local SEO checklist, Buzzstream and review trackers. 

For the enterprise search engine optimization, the best tools are Google Webmaster tool, SEO clarity, Linkdex, BrightEdge, conductor Searchlight, and webpage test. These are some basic tools which can be used to help monitor your progress with SEO. 

Difference in Importance 

Both SEO has its importance. Local SEO provides customers with the information that they want and when they want. Local SEO helps to grow and drives more traffic on your site.

Enterprise search engine optimization protects a brand’s existing footprint against google algorithm’s fluctuations. This type of SEO also available your brand to searchers at each stage of the customer’s journey. 

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