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It is an application for smartphones that has become an indispensable part of our lives, but the usability of this application also differs slightly depending on whether it is a native application or a web application.

Which one to use depends on the situation at that time and personal preference, but if you know the characteristics of both, it will lead to effective application usage depending on how they are used.

React Native is a context for developing native mobile applications. It builds on Facebook’s Reaction Library, as the name of the framework suggests. At its foundation, the React Native App Development Company in India provides a modular framework through the components utilized for the program. The front end structure of the components with JSX is described. The component tree data flow is done by means of props, i.e. components properties. Also, the mutable state of each component can be managed.

In the browser most React apps are running. The react elements specify in this context the structure of the HTML component. Naturally, such an application can also be used on a mobile device.

React Native does not need a smartphone

One react native app is an application that works on the Internet. Since the application is run on the smartphone via the Internet, the performance of the application depends on the server on which the application is actually running rather than the terminal, so it is not as dependent on the terminal as the native application.

Also, unlike native apps, it does not require the trouble of downloading the application to the terminal. In the case of a native application, it takes a lot of time to download it before it is actually used, so it is easy to forget about it without being used immediately by trying to download it later, but web applications are It is a big advantage that you can jump to the web page and use the application as soon as you know the URL.

Native app that runs on the device

A native application, commonly known as a native application, is a type of application that runs on the processing of the terminal. Not only apps such as calculators that are originally built into smartphones, but also those that can be purchased from the app store are classified as native apps. The most easily associated so-called apps will fall into this native app.

And the best feature of native apps is that the performance of the app depends greatly on the performance of the device used. The higher the performance of the device, the better the performance, and conversely, the lower the performance of the device, the behavior that the developer intended may not work or the application may not work. It can be said that the performance depends on the terminal, for better or for worse.

Should I use a Native app or a React Native app?

As I’ve explained, the difference between native apps and web apps is clear, and you may be wondering which one to use, but if possible, we recommend both native android app development India and React Native apps.

One of the general disadvantages of native apps is whether or not they can be downloaded. If you do not download it, you will not be able to receive a reference evaluation as long as you do not know how to use the app. On the other hand, web apps have a wider entrance than native apps because you can use them with just one tap or from a search engine.

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