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Let the other communication channels come no matter how compelling they are, but still, businesses will make the SMS platform in their priority list. After all, the SMS channel deserves to be at the top because billions of people like this communication platform if they want to contact the next person for whatever reason. 98% is the open rate of SMS platform, 209% is the response rate of SMS if you compared with the email or phone which has a low response rate and 23 billion SMS sent each day worldwide. Wonderful! Hope the popularity never comes down (finger crossed). Regarding the SMS conversation, we have an extension for your business called Twilio SMS. Before going to dive into the ocean of words to find out the advantages of Twilio SMS, first, let’s explore what it is. 

What is Twilio SMS?

This extension is introduced by Outright Store where it enables you to send bulk SMS to your customers in just one click. It means that you just have to tap one time and you can send SMS to plenty of customers that are on your contact list. This plugin really frees your time and high efforts. We remember the old time when everyone sent SMS one by one to the entire customer and we all found that method a hectic one. And that stopped our crucial activities because you have to give your efforts only in sending SMS. This extension is much better to share a seamless experience and surely tailor your entire needs. 

Real-life scenario: The head of your team has shared an activity with you where you have to share a discount SMS on products to 50 customers that deals with you on a daily basis. You are ready to handle this task but why to go for one by one sending SMS method when you have the Twilio SMS addon which saves you from countless hours in this activity. Send SMS in bulk to your customers as in just one click your SMS will be sent to all those customers. This addon is worth it because it gives you such outstanding functionality that you’ve never seen before. 

You can raise a question about the industries such as- which industry should use this plugin or in which industry this plugin can rule to get good reviews all the time. The plugin called SuiteCRM SMS Twilio is best for the Sales or Marketing business, Real-Estate organization, Banking sector, Manufacturing industry, Travel sector, Human Resource Management, the Insurance Industry, and many more. They mostly endeavor for the SMS platform to get the best incomparable experience. And we are sure that if such industries want to save their quality of time in sending SMS then their first goal is to get this top-notch extension today. 

What are Twilio SMS advantages when using for business activity? 

Let’s dive into the pool to find out what more special features it will offer. Have a look at the points given below-

  • You can save the conversation of your customers. Daily, you send thousands of SMS to your customers, so if by chance you want to access one of your customers’ conversations then you are free to go there. Thanks to this addon for this magnificent feature! 

  • You are sending Bulk SMS to your customers which means the plugin saves your time. Gone are the days where one by one method is applied everywhere. Thanks to this addon where you can send SMS in just one tap. Interesting! 

  • Strive for the functionality of the SMS template here. Make a template about your product discount or something else that you want to share. Use the feature of SMS templates and send them in bulk to your customers. Another effective way to get engaged with the customers promptly! 

  • One of the outstanding functions is Opt-out. We are offering in this extension where you just have to type and send STOP. You will not receive the conversation from the next time. Use this feature if you want to stop getting the SMS from someone. 

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