When people think of torches, often what comes to mind are cinematic visions of tiki torches at a tropical celebration or people holding smaller torches as they explore dark and mysterious caves. However, those who do not envision the homey landscape of a yard filled with incandescent light, are surely missing out. A patio torch does not belong in a dark, scary cave on film, but in your own yard, lighting the familiar space with a soft glow. Create an ambiance in your backyard with some well-placed patio torches and turn an evening in your backyard into an occasion. These simple, yet impactful decorations are incredibly easy to set up and enjoy safely. Not only do the lights that these torches give off look beautiful, but the designs of the torches themselves are enough to make your guests look in awe.

Table Top Patio Torch

Although the taller torches are more of what people immediately think of, tabletop torches are available as well and they are truly stunning. These small decorations are less expensive than their stand-alone counterparts and are easier to justify buying more of. They take up so little space that they make storage a breeze as well. A tabletop patio torch makes an ideal centerpiece for a table outdoors. It is not so large that it becomes obnoxious, nor does it sit on the table without any other function. Being as small as they are, these torches are easy to move around the space and light up the area without drawing so much attention that it seems out of place. A detailed design, like with this sculpted brass torch, makes the torch beautifully decorative on its own, even before a flame is lit. More simple, classic styles like this set of glass torches are a great choice for those who enjoy minimalism in their home decor.

Tall Patio Torch

A taller patio torch that stands on its own is much closer to the ones people are used to seeing on film and television. Rather than simple constructs of wood, modern patio torches feature elegant designs. These types of torches add a theatrical element to your yard that is difficult to replicate any other way. A light coming from a bulb can glow, but it just cannot mimic the atmosphere created by an open flame. An open flame torch does not just create a light, but it establishes a mood that can be felt by all in its presence. Set these elegant torches up by your doorway, or place them on either end of the yard to fill the area with light and take in the ambiance you’ve created. Torch wicks are also very easy to come by and pretty inexpensive, so you do not have to worry about sparing your wicks to make them last.

A patio torch is such a simple, but effective means of not only decorating your yard but creating an atmosphere at the same time. Whether you are inviting friends and family over for a celebration or spending your evening in the yard with a special someone, patio torches set a mood for the evening. They have the uncanny ability to transform your little backyard into a destination of sorts. It’s almost as if you traveled a great distance to find your way there, basking in the warm light. And that journey was worth each and every step for the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the night. You can consider these to be a great gift idea for your loved ones as well. For as much as you’ve enjoyed the time you spent with yours, you can pass along that same experience to others.

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