What should be considered when choosing a bathroom design?

bathroom design


The bathroom can rightly be called one of the main rooms in any home. Here the day begins, and you can relax before going to bed. A beautiful bathroom design guarantees cheerfulness and a good mood in everyday life. If you plan the interior correctly, you can solve several problems simultaneously: make the room comfortable, emphasize individual style and sense of taste, and rationally place things.

Before starting the bathroom renovation, it is essential to decide on the internal layout. If the bathroom is small, sometimes combining a bathroom and a toilet becomes a rational solution. This will make it possible to visually increase the space and better place 24 inch bathroom vanity or 36 inch bathroom vanity.

In large apartments, the initial layout assumes the presence of several bathrooms

An exciting solution for a large family is to turn the bathroom into a full-fledged bathroom and leave a second toilet.

Regardless of the free space, the bathroom should follow a single style. First of all, this is a functional and ergonomic space, where every detail should be in its place. So, too many decorative elements in a small bathroom will make it very uncomfortable and cramped. Fewer details will make the room more comfortable and accessible.

When distributing space in the bathroom, you should adhere to a single style and not forget about the rules for creating comfort. Every detail, whether it is a wall covering or a towel holder, should be selected, considering the room’s design features. Most often, the design of the premises is carried out by specialists in the bathroom supply store. Designers develop a project, choose details, search for color solutions, and decorate the room. However, very often, it is the owners of the premises who independently find exciting solutions.

When designing a bathroom design concept, there are several aspects to consider:

• choice of style, based on which further work will be carried out;

• selection of colors;

• plumbing and equipment;

• furniture;

• lighting;

• choice of finishing materials.

It is essential to understand that even a tiny room requires careful work and careful planning so that the result is high quality and does not bother you after a few months.

Features of the design of the floor, walls, and ceiling when choosing a bathroom design

Stylish design is, first of all, a brilliant combination of stylistic features. Modern stores offer a wide range of materials for surface finishing.

For the flooring to serve for a long time and not quickly lose its original attractive appearance, it must meet specific requirements:

• security;

• moisture resistance;

• ease of care.

You can give preference to ceramic tiles, mosaics, or porcelain tiles

These materials are not afraid of excessive moisture. They do not require special care with the help of unique cleaning products. Sometimes linoleum is chosen as a floor covering – the material is more economical in price and not as slippery as tile.

You can prefer natural stone from expensive materials or make a cash floor with an unusual pattern.

For wall decoration, porcelain stoneware or tiles are most often used. This is the best ratio of quality with an affordable price. A more budget option is plastic panels, the texture of which imitates natural materials. You can also use waterproof acrylic paint.

The ceiling can be covered with waterproof paint or made of drywall. Stretch ceilings are trendy and do not require preliminary alignment or preparatory work.

Plumbing, sanitary ware, and color choice

When choosing equipment for the bathroom, attention should be paid to the style decision and the convenience in everyday use.

Designers are advised to adhere to the following principles:

• plumbing should have smooth shapes. The minimum amount of visually visible plumbing will significantly simplify the process of caring for it;

• it is advisable to preference built-in household appliances, which will be placed behind unique decorative panels.

The bathroom’s color scheme should repeat the stylistic design of the kitchen. The choice of color is best made based on the features and size of the bathroom. So, it is better to decorate a small room in bright colors and, if possible, add more mirror surfaces. Bright and rich colors are more suitable for spacious bathrooms.

You can order a bathroom design in the store, New Bathroom Style. Specialists will select an exciting solution, taking into account the specifics of the premises and the personal wishes of customers. A design project from professionals is a guarantee of creating a stylish and functional bathroom.

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