Buying or building a house is a one-time investment but you can remodel the parts of your house whenever you want to. A kitchen renovation is the most common among people. As remodeling requires a great deal of cash so it is significant to make a proper plan before implementing any changes. Make a checklist of what things to do and what not to. Here are some of the things you should not do in a kitchen remodel.

The appliances and tools should be according to the size of the kitchen and cabinets. It is one of the major mistakes during a kitchen renovation. That’s why don’t buy an oversize appliance whether it is a refrigerator or anything else.

The fridge, oven, and sink are the three main components in the kitchen. These three ought not to be set one next to the other in a kitchen, or it will make the situation worse as there will be no space for individuals to work simultaneously. Make sure to make proper distance among them so that your work can be done effectively.

A few people fuse many thoughts into their redesigning plans without considering how the kitchen will look when everything meets up. The outcome is an overdesigned kitchen which is not satisfactory. It’s essential to realize when to stop while rebuilding the kitchen so you don’t commit this error. Try not to anticipate joining each thought of yours into the renovation. Some will work and some won’t.

Altering your perspective during the renovation can prompt deferrals, surprising costs, and disappointments. Spare yourself the difficulty by ensuring you’re happy with the plans before the work starts.

Then comes the electrical sockets. As you can not place too many sockets in the kitchen, so it is important to plan out where the sockets should be. Some people often overlook it and then face difficulties. To avoid this type of blunder.

You can find various materials that can be used for a kitchen remodel. But first, you should double-check by taking a sample material with you. It is because some materials look good for a specific shop but it will not be suitable for your kitchen. So abstain from doing this mistake. The same goes for the color combination. Choose wisely otherwise all your money will be wasted.

Many owners are so centered around picking ledges, ground surfaces, and machines that they forget about the rest of the details. Ledges, ground surfaces, and machines are significant, but other aspects like lighting are equally important. These may appear to be irrelevant, however, they have a huge impact on the overall look of your kitchen after the remodel.


The trend of tiles has increased drastically in recent years. Tiles have become the most popular choice for flooring and walls. You can find many variations and shades in the tiles at an affordable price. Just search on the web for best kitchen tiles London and you will find many tiling companies in the UK.

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