What to do if your employer denies your work injury?

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Injuries and accidents at the workplace are common. Sometimes these injuries are minor and could have happened because of your ignorance. However, if you have been caught in a major accident that has caused severe injury to you, you are eligible for compensation. Moreover, this accident should be due to the irresponsible attitude of your employer or any authority in your organization. In these instances, a Richmond work injury lawyer is someone who can help you through the legal process of filing a case against your employer and negotiating for a fair compensation deal. But, your employer may deny your injury, and this is what you can do to deal with it: 

Contact a lawyer

Consult a lawyer and inform them about the scenario. Your attorney will initially try to put up a strong front and inform your employer about the legal repercussions. This way your employer might consider your compensation claim to avoid facing a lawsuit.

File a lawsuit

In such a case where your employer doesn’t consider a legal notice and denies the claim, you can file a lawsuit against them. If you have a worker’s compensation attorney, this process will be easier as they will file a lawsuit on your behalf with the right paperwork.

Gather proof

Evidence is an essential part of any lawsuit. To prove that you sustained injuries due to your employer’s negligence or because they failed to offer you the right training or a hazard-free environment in your workspace, you can try to collect evidence. Evidence like – CCTV footage, medical report, etc., can help you through.

Present witness testimony

You may have friends and colleagues working with you when the injury occurred. And, your fellow mates can be a witness to your claim. Try to talk to them or to someone who has faced a similar injury in your workplace. If you have witness testimony, it will be even more positive for your case.

Filing a lawsuit or getting compensation is secondary. But you must take proper precautions when you are at your workplace to avoid any injuries or accidents. Earning is essential but you should choose your firm wisely. If You Are working in an organization that provides regular training and assistance to avoid such injuries and offers safety years to their employees, the chances of such injuries are automatically minimized. Yet, if you have been in such a terrifying scenario and are unaware of your rights, you can hire an attorney from the beginning to get compensation and recover from your damage. An experienced attorney will try to avoid a situation where your employer denies your injury by building a strong case.

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