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The term EHR stands for Electronic Health Records and like the name suggests it very much has to do with maintaining patient related records but that is not all they do. These days EHRs are incredibly advanced and can do anything; from taking care of billing to managing your practice, they can do it all for you. Practice Fusion EMR is another EHR software which essentially provides you with a lot of these features and services. In this piece, we are going to break down what a Practice Fusion demo looks like and what you should be on the lookout for when taking a demo. 

What to Look Out for 

Your Notes Can be Dictated

One of the best features of this software is that it can make your notes for you when you dictate them. This feature can be tricky to get used to since you have to make sure you dictate periods, commas and other punctuations. You also have to tell the software when to start a new line and when to end a paragraph. Make sure you test this feature out in the Practice Fusion demo so you have an idea of whether or not this feature will suit your preferences and whether you can learn to grow used to it because it does require some getting used to. According to a lot of physician reviews for this product, the Practice Fusion pricing if you do end up buying it, is worth this feature alone. So it only makes sense that you test it out during your demo to see if it is indeed something you would appreciate and enjoy. 

Patient History has Never Been Easier to Access 

If you are looking for a software which prioritizes your patients and makes sure you are up to do about all things related to your patients then this is the right one for you. When you get the Practice Fusion demo, you will see that the software is simple to use and prioritizes your patients and their medical history. This will help you become a better physician as well because at the end of the day, you will be able to treat your patients in a better way. This helps you become a better service provider but you need to see during the Practice Fusion demo that the feature itself is something you could get used to. 

Quick Access to All your Features

Another feature you will definitely notice when taking the Practice Fusion demo is the quick access tool which allows you to access all parts of the software within seconds since the icons for the tools in question are displayed on the main page. You can simply click on whatever feature you are thinking of and easily use it. Overall, the quick access feature is pretty neat and usually praised very highly in most Practice Fusion reviews. We would suggest you compare the feature when you see it in the Practice Fusion demo to other similar features you see in software which serve the same purpose. 

Scheduling you Appointments Perfectly

One feature which any medical practice cannot do without is the scheduling feature since scheduling appointments is a very important part of the work that a medical practice does. With this feature, you need to make sure when you look at the Practice Fusion demo that it is suitable to what your needs are. The software and its demo allows for users to schedule practice appointments to get used to it before taking the software live and using it with actual patients. This helps you get used to the software beforehand so there are less chances of you making a mistake when the real thing starts happening. Overall, the appointment scheduling feature on this software is pretty great and you should ensure that it is up to both your standards and expertise so the learning curve doesn’t prove to be so huge that it is almost unconquerable. 

Should you Invest in Practice Fusion EHR? 

We always advise people to get a demo of the software before they purchase it. And of course, we give you the same advice and if you are reading this piece then you have already considered this step before you have decided to commit to a software. When you get the Practice Fusion demo, you will get a good idea of what the software itself is like and whether it will be appropriate to use for your practice. Another good way to suss out if a software is good is to read reviews for it by current users. You can read Practice Fusion reviews to see what the general consensus regarding the software is. And lastly, you can make a list of features you would ideally want in a software and then compare it to the list of features this or any other software lists. Whether you end up choosing Practice Fusion EMR or any other software, that is up to you! Hopefully having gotten a Practice Fusion demo will help make your mind up about this more easily. 

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