What to Give Your Mom for 55 Years


At any age, the mother remains the most dear and dear person for us. Therefore, as her anniversary approaches, a difficult choice of a worthy gift begins. If you have not yet decided what to give your mom for 55 years, we will offer several worthy options. And remember that at any age for a mother, the attention and love of children is much more important than the present itself.

Make Your Mom Happy With Flowers

A beautiful bouquet is a great birthday present for any woman. For the 55th anniversary, many are trying to buy a whole bunch of roses or pack everything in a pompous basket. But the size and cost of the bouquet are not important in this situation. And if the mother is a practical woman, then she is unlikely to approve of such a waste of money. You can make a small composition of her favorite flowers – it will be no worse than 55 roses.

If your mom is fond of growing house plants, you can donate something new to the collection for her birthday. A beautiful home flower in a pot will not dry out in a couple of days and will delight for many years. When choosing a plant, be sure to consider its size. If over time, your flower turns into a small tree, and your mother has a small apartment, this can become a problem. She will not be able to throw away the gift and will be forced to endure the tightness.

A flower in a pot as a gift is not suitable for a superstitious woman – there is an opinion that it is impossible to give the land.

With flowers, you can give your mom for 55 years sweets. This is a universal gift, as almost all women love them. Today there is a good alternative – bouquets of sweets or fruits. They look beautiful and elegant, but a practical woman will also like them.

List of the Best Gifts for Mom for 55 Years

  • Flowers
  • Sweets
  • Hobby items
  • Massager or simulator
  • Subscription to the pool
  • Memorable gift
  • Voucher to the sanatorium
  • Appliances
  • Household items
  • Cosmetics

Jewelry as a Gift

Usually, the most expensive gifts are given by the husband, but from children, such a present will be appropriate. If the financial condition allows, you can give her a piece of jewelry for her 55th birthday, for example, a brooch, bracelet or pendant. It is better not to buy rings and earrings – they are usually given to their beloved husbands.

An adult woman can be presented with a fairly large piece of jewelry for her anniversary. This will allow you to engrave a commemorative inscription on it. It is better to choose products of classic shapes, simple and elegant. A believing woman will love the icon pendant. You can also buy jewelry wristwatches. Jewelry with precious stones will also be appropriate.

Gifts for Beauty and Health

We are all worried about the health of our parents, so you can choose a gift for your mother’s anniversary, which will help you stay “in good shape” for a longer time. To improve the condition of her body will help her:

  • A voucher to the sanatorium. This is certainly not a trip to the Maldives, but much more rewarding. At 55, most people already have some kind of chronic illness, so choose a specialized sanatorium with appropriate treatment. Even if your mother can be considered a healthy person, general strengthening procedures will not harm her.
  • Sports simulator. Keeping fit is important at any age. After retirement, your mom will have more free time so that she can spend more time on physical activity. Please give her a cardio equipment for her anniversary, for example, an orbit track with the ability to adjust the load. It is suitable for people with any health condition.
  • Massager. A good gift idea for mom, this is a very useful tool that will help relieve muscle tension and get rid of cellulite. They can vary greatly in size, functionality and cost of the poem, you can easily choose the model that is ideal for the birthday girl.
  • Subscription to the pool. Swimming and water aerobics are suitable even for those women who have health problems.
  • Go to the spa. This will help mom to relax, have fun and improve her health.

A slightly ambiguous situation with cosmetics. There is an opinion that giving anti-aging skin care products is ugly since the birthday girl may be offended by hints of her age. But many women try to save money on cream, so if a daughter gives it to her, trying to take care of her mother, nothing bad will happen.

Gifts for Mom for Hobbies

Many women at 55 have a hobby. If your mom retires, she will have more free time so that you can give something to her hobby:

  • If she loves to grow plants, indoor or in the country, you can choose an interesting book on this topic, for example, a gardener’s encyclopedia.
  • The needlewoman will like a table lamp to illuminate the workplace, a practical table for work, materials and equipment for creativity.
  • A collector can be presented with a new exhibit or a special locker for storing wealth.

If you don’t understand your mother’s hobby and don’t know what she may need, ask people with the same hobby.

Memorable Gifts for Mom

55 years is a long time. Surely your mom has a lot of memorabilia, photographs and other little things that cause nostalgia. You can collect them all in one big family album and you will get a good gift for your beloved mother for 55 years. Photos, old letters, tickets and award sheets from work will remind you of pleasant moments. Each year the album can be supplemented with new items.

If mom is fond of cinema, you can give her a collection of her favorite films on disks for her birthday.

A good option is to copy all the memorabilia electronically and create a simple clip. We buy an electronic photo frame, upload our work there – and we get a great gift for mom for a birthday.

Should I Donate Household Items for 55 Years?

Adult women are often given useful and practical gifts such as dishes, appliances, and other household items. Such gifts will definitely come in handy for the birthday girl and it is relatively easy to choose them. But this is not the best gift option for a woman. Most likely, mom already has everything she needs, and such a practical gift will only remind of household chores on her birthday.

You can donate household items only if you know for sure that your mother needs it. For example, once in a conversation, she mentioned that she would like to try cooking in a multicooker or learn how to use a bread maker. Or do you know for sure that something of her household appliances has broken? You can also give your mom for 55 years something for the house if it is an expensive or exclusive thing that she will not buy herself.

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