With the recent rise in crimes across the world, it is incumbent on us to take extra measures for our protection. Installing CCTVs has become a common practice in both commercial and residential spheres. Despite their popularity, not a lot is known about their proper utilization. Oftentimes people will take it upon themselves to install CCTV cameras without any prior experience in the field and that will lead to a myriad of issues such as unoptimized storage, poor coverage, and insufficient control.

We always recommend you hire a CCTV installation company if you want to amp up security in and around your home and office. Their technical know-how will ensure you get the full extent of what CCTV cameras have to offer. But that does not mean you take away every bit of responsibility in the matter. You are better off knowing the basics of CCTV installation, and besides, a little knowledge of things that you possess never hurts.

Here are a few things to be mindful of when getting CCTV cameras installed at home or in commercial spaces:

Kinds of CCTV Cameras

Nowadays, you can avail wireless CCTV cameras to avert the complex configurations that were a part and parcel of the wired CCTV cameras of the past. These new wired cameras are advanced and it shows how easy they are to control remotely. But if you would rather go for traditional directional cameras known as bullet cameras, they are usually fixed and capture only one direction. If you would prefer 360 degree coverage, dome cameras will be your best bet. The bottomline is, the kind of camera you need depends on the purpose they will serve.

Location of CCTV Cameras

Location essential ties into the question of coverage, especially in areas that are comparatively more vulnerable. You might have to put up different CCTV cameras depending on where you are planning to install them. The camera that is placed outside garage doors will never mirror the one that will serve as an indoor camera. This brings us to another important reminder- never ignore indoor cameras. While petty criminals are getting used to maneuvering around your outdoor CCTV cameras, what they never foresee are low-light capable indoor dome cameras. So, they will always be a savior in the long run.

Technical Aspects of Setting Up CCTV Cameras

There are a few technical details that need to be hashed out before finalizing on the installation and kickstarting the cameras. First and foremost, make sure the videos are recorded in HD quality. Also, make sure your storage and recording hardware is figured out. Ask the CCTV installation company if you can avail cloud-based storage. If not, local hard disk storage is also fine.

Since you do not have unlimited storage, the question soon arises- how long do you want the recorded videos to be saved? You can choose anything between one day to as long as three months, given you have the means for it. Last of all, go for a camera with remote control and access that will let you monitor and control them even when away.

These are but a few basic things to be mindful of when installing CCTV cameras. Make sure you check off all these pointers before settling down with the cameras. Get in touch with your local security system provider to know more.