When it comes to outsourcing mobile app development there are a lot of myths around, and therefore it is imperative to clear the air. First things first, there’s no fixed rate for developing a mobile application. In fact, all of the expenses involved depend on the functionalities of the app you choose to have. Just like everything else like cars, smartphones, or properties, the price points depend upon the elements. In the case of outsourcing mobile app solutions, you get what you pay for, and you don’t have to break your bank to get an effective app.

Secondly, there are three primary factors that govern your app development cost, and they are:

  • Where you get your app developed
  • How it gets developed 
  • What pain points does your app solve?

While the first two options are incidental and depend entirely on your outsourcing agencies, the final one relies heavily on the features and complexity you might bring in with your app. For example, if you’re planning to get a business app started like Starbucks, with all its features and designs, it can cost around USD$ 70,000 to $1,00,000. Let’s break it down: 

For creating an uncomplicated starting page it can take up to 15 hours on average for developers. While having only the starting page of an app may not be enough for you or your users, it’d still be the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or blueprint for your app, that only gets to be more sophisticated going forward. For example, if you want to add functionalities like tracking your viewers’ IP addresses, keeping them notified with all your store and app updates, the work can take up to 50 hours and therefore tops the prices accordingly. But what if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start? Here are the basics you need to get right, in order for things to make more sense: 

  • Know your app type


There can be as many as six different types of mobile apps, and all of them can come with very different outputs and performances. For basic functionalities like that of a calculator, stopwatch, the cost of programming an app can be limited to a lesser amount. 

Now, apart from the coding (or the functionalities and frameworks), you’d also need to figure out:

  • design expenses
  • backend development and growth
  • app security protocols
  • app architecture
  • pre-launch testing

  • Mobile app development process and cost involved

The entire process of mobile app development, however long or short it is based on your app functionalities, definitely depends on the location of your app development. 


According to reports, the prices of the development can range wildly, costing much more to hire developers in the USA compared to India for example. Since it is the home to several leading apps, as well as has numerous English-speaking developers, you can stay updated on every update throughout the process, thus limiting any unnecessary delays or cost surges. 

  • Who builds your app

Apart from the location, the expenses of developing your app also depend on the following factors too:

  • If you’re getting it developed from a freelancer
  • If you’re getting it developed from a small app development company
  • If you’re getting it done from a big corporation

For developers, having an excellent track record the charges may come higher compared to other services. Plus, the fact that individual freelancers can work on multiple projects at once, can get you into feeling that the attention your project needs is getting divided over others. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your project stays on the back burner, and if you’ve done enough research on the credibility and proficiency of such freelancers or agencies – you may end up saving yourself from a lot of worries, time, and money in the longer term.

  • Other costs involved 

There are so many other aspects involved in the app development process, and therefore it’s not a wise thing to spend all your budget on just hiring a developer. Other expenses include: 

  • visual designing
  • UX designing 
  • business branding
  • copywriting

Therefore, to maintain the standards of quality assurance, you may need to hire a project manager to look after all that. Then of course there are server costs, legal fees, startup fees involved in getting your app into a business.  

  • Hybrid vs Native apps

Be it a hybrid or a native app, both kinds of apps would come at unequal prices. In general, Native apps are more expensive than other kinds of apps, and the difference can be staggering. For developing a native app, developers generally follow specific guidelines that contribute to the user experience, based on its ease to access the host device’s GPS, camera, or contacts. 

Here’s a difference between the two apps: 


In the case of native apps, you may have to build two separate native apps for two distinct platforms (for example, iOS – AppStore, Android – PlayStore). On the other hand, hybrid apps allow launching on different platforms simultaneously. Furthermore, hybrid apps have lesser development time compared to native apps, so for quicker market launches, hybrid apps are a better choice. 

If you’re looking to leverage the best of technology in developing the right app for your business, we’d recommend the following trailblazing agencies with an impeccable track record:

1. Rocketbuild, Indiana

They’re a group of software development experts with innovative mobile app solutions that are engineered for maximum business productivity. Having worked with hundreds of brands across the world, they’re recognized by platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc.

2. CodeClouds, Fort Wayne

The folks here have a team of award-winning 300+ experienced developers spread across the world, powering businesses big and small with their value-based, tech-enabled products. They specialize in delivering an all-around customer experience with their custom web and mobile applications, therefore if you’re looking to hire a developer for a project, they can be a good call.

3. LavaPi, Indiana

Relatively new in the app development and designing industry they focus on building effective business solutions, custom-fit as per your requirements. Their finesse in delivering the highest standards of quality in their solutions make them sought-after.

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