In this beautiful, sunny day, why not let go and enjoy a good swing in your own garden? If you want to buy a swing for your home’s outdoor space, here are some things to keep in mind.

We will discuss which hanging chairs are best suited for outdoor use, how to hang them, and other considerations when hanging a chair outside.

Outdoor Hanging Chairs Types

To find the perfect hanging chair for you, you’ll have to consider its colour, material, and style. Outdoor hanging chairs can be divided into two categories: soft and hard. However, in this article we focus on hard material basket chairs.

Hard Material – Hanging Chairs

The hanging basket chair is woven like a basket, its name says as much. These chairs are like the egg chairs in their popularity, and wicker is the most common material used for these. The reason for this is that they look great and make any simple outlook into something stylish and special. What’s so unique about the wicker hanging chairs?

Patio Lightweight Swing Chairs

A hanging wicker chair of today is not only lightweight, but also durable. Hanging chair material is important, and rattan is a popular choice. Synthetic rattan is the newest addition to the list of possible options for a hanging chair.

Which rattan swing chairs should you choose?

Hanging basket rattan chairs come in two different materials: natural or plastic. Though more expensive, the natural option is worth it as it is the coolest and most environmentally friendly material. But if you’re tight on funds, plastic can make a safe choice and will last for many years.

One of the main advantages of natural materials is that they look more beautiful, high-quality, and also feel more valuable. Synthetic rattan is better for outdoors since it looks much less beautiful but can stand up to the elements better. The natural rattan looks so much better to most people, though. That’s why it would look great in your bedroom or living room.

Natural materials are usually more expensive and not weatherproof. The main disadvantage of using them is that they are not as durable.

Hanging patio chair made of natural materials

If you’re looking for a high-quality outdoor hanging chair, made of natural materials and designed to feel great, then wooden chairs are the right choice. However, this will mean that they are more expensive, so you have to be ready to pay more.

Beyond the synthetic rattan, some manufacturers also offer wood-made hanging chairs. These are definitely luxury outdoor chairs.

Choosing theright size for hanging basket chair

As awesome as hammock chairs are, they don’t fit everybody. That’s why you need to make sure the basket is big enough for you to lounge in comfortably.

To see if you can sit upright in a store, measure the height of your upper body while sitting. Compare this height to the height of the basket (if it is closed at the top). You should note the difference as it could be a problem with the store’s design.

Patio swing

A big patio swing is perfect for two or even three people! They’re the perfect size for small porches, too. If you want a traditional, bench-like swing, you can buy one or two single-seater swings. All porch swings hang from chains or rope, and the classic porch swing is the standard bench.

These days, patio swings come in many styles and materials. They can be made of wood, metal, synthetic wicker, or fabric. The most common cushions are usually colourful and made out of a weather-resistant material to prevent the occasional rain or strong sun from ruining them. You can choose from many different styles and sizes to find the perfect fit for you.

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