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Adriana Lima  is a Brazilian supermodel, is the secret Victoria and Maybelline’s famous model . Said she has French , Portuguese , Japanese , Native American and Caribbean descent. Once selected by the media as one of the sexiest women in the world. And was selected as the world’s 100 most beautiful women of the year by People Magazine.  Adriana Lima net worth is more than 90$ million. With 5 feet 10 inches height, she is known as one of the best model of Brazil.

She was 13 years old in his hometown in Brazil Bahia at a large shopping and leisure shopping stores are found scout. Two years later, she won the grand prize of the Ford Super Model Contest in Brazil and was honored to be named the runner-up beauty of the Ford Global Super Model Contest. In this article, we will discuss about Adriana Lima diet, Adriana Lima bio, Adriana Lima birthday, Adriana Lima hair, Adriana Lima no makeup and other information about the model.

Adriana Lima bio

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model, born in Salvador in June 12, 1981, is the longest signing of Victoria’s Secret brand underwear model. She was once voted by the media as one of the sexiest women in the world, and she was also voted as one of the 100 most beautiful women in the world.

Adriana was discovered by scouts in Xia Xia Street in a shopping mall when she was 13 years old. She has a beautiful face and long hair. She moved to New York City, signed with Elite Model Management , and became a Guess beauty in the world. Then he continued to receive invitations from famous fashion magazines to become cover characters or inside page models, such as: “Elle”, “Vogue”, “Marie Claire”, Italian version of “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar”. Her extraordinary talents and acting talents have been appreciated by the world in TV festivals such as E! Entertainment, Travel Channel, Extra, and the BMW short film that gathers stars-“Tracking” directed by Wong Kar Wai. In 2006, the cover of “GQ” by her was the number one in sales throughout the year. Arianna is currently the spokesperson of Victoria’s Secret’Angel’ and Maybelline.

Adriana Lima in the fashion industry

In 1996, relying on her curvy body to have her own place in the fashion industry, her perfect double breasts made her the perfect spokesperson for the underwear brand.

In 1996, she won the grand prize of the Ford Supermodel Contest in Brazil and was named the runner-up of the Ford Global Supermodel Contest.

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In 2011, Forbes selected the top ten supermodels with the highest income in the world. The list shows that Adriana Lima has an annual income of approximately US$7.3 million.

Adriana Lima moved to New York City, signed a contract with Elite model agency, and became the spokesperson for the season’s GUESS advertising. Then she continued to receive invitations from fashion magazines such as “Elle”, “Vogue”, “Marie Claire”, Italian version of “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar”, becoming a cover girl or a model for themed blockbusters.

She is stylish

She is good at catwalks. She has a hot personality, bold style, daring to love and hate. With her relationship with Ronnie, she has become one of the best supermodels in the world.

Sh is a Brazilian supermodel and actor, known as a leading member of the Victoria’s Secret Angels from 1999 until today. Model Adriana Lima has been the longest-standing model on the company and also was named “most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel” from 1998 to 2009. Lima’s career has been made a lot more successful by her recent appearance on the show “The Apprentice” which was filmed in London.

Hollywood and Adriana Lima

As an actor, Adriana has had several roles in Hollywood including playing a waitress on the television series “Chef’s Table.” She also played a secretary in a well-known show on the United States, “The New Adventures of Old Tom Sawyer,” opposite Joel Edgerton. Aside from acting, she has been a fashion model for several years. In 2007, she participated in the “While modeling, Adriana has also been featured on the cover of Vogue Brazil, which she was photographed with actor Leonardo Di Caprio. She also modeled for the popular Italian fashion label Fendi.

Aside from modeling, she has also managed to establish herself in the entertainment industry by starring in an episode of “Seinfeld.” She also has a movie called “It tells the story of Lima as she navigates her way through the fashion world. The movie has become a hit and became the highest-grossing Brazilian film ever. It also became one of the most watched TV shows in South America.

Other information about Adriana

People also want to know about other information about the model. The following are some main points about the model you which you should know.

Adriana Lima face

Adriana Lima is very beautiful model of Brazil and have attractive face. She has appeared in many Shows due to her beautiful face.

Adriana Lima hair

Model Adriana Lima has beautiful long hair. She has also got hair cut many time accordingly.

Adriana Lima birthday 

June 12, 1981

How tall is Adriana Lima?

5 feet 10 inches

Adriana Lima diet

The beauty from Brazil always prefers to eat fresh vegetables and fruits for the better health.

Final words

Adriana has also appeared on the soap opera “Real Time with Bill Maher” which is broadcast in the United States. In an episode that she appeared in, she was given a chance to perform on an episode of the show “Reliable Sources.” This was a dream come true for her. As of the present time, Adriana has already appeared on the cover of Vogue Brazil, has won numerous modeling awards, and is very popular with Brazilian women. Even before her career was launched in the United States, she was already very popular in Brazil. Andrade, where she became the “most beautiful woman” and the “sexiest model.”

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