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Weight loss surgery is usually the last option for people with excess weight; these are individuals who need to lose weight due to health reasons. Here in Long Island weight loss surgery is done as both an invasive and moderately invasive procedure. Since weight loss surgery is a surgical procedure, there is a recovery period associated with it.

Weight loss surgery clinics such as LI Obesity Surgery recommend different recovery periods for different types of bariatric surgery. So naturally, patients that are about to get weight loss surgery done are confused about how long the recovery period is going to last. If you are also someone wondering about the recovery period, then this article is for you and we suggest you read this until the end.

The hospital recovery period after bariatric surgery in Long Island

The recovery period after a weight loss surgery is divided into in-hospital recovery and the at-home recovery period. Once your bariatric surgery is complete and you wake up in a Long Island hospital, you will be under the care of the nurses and doctors. The nurses will keep a close eye on your vital signs as well as guide you about the dos and don’ts.

 During the immediate recovery period at the hospital, nurses will encourage you to perform some leg movement along with deep breathing; they will also help you in getting out of bed. These activities are a part of the recovery period in the hospital, and it allows the wound to heal properly.

Your hospital stay and the recovery period can last for up to a week, and during this period you will be able to find out if any complications need to be addressed. However laparoscopic weight loss surgery has a shorter recovery period and your hospital recovery period is shorter as well.

At-home recovery after weight loss surgery

After a short hospital stay, your surgeon will evaluate your condition and decide when it is time for you to go home. You will be given a detailed set of instructions that you will have to follow during your at-home bariatric surgery recovery period. Before going home and resuming your recovery, you will be encouraged by your surgeon to clear up any questions or confusions you might have.

Once you go home you can expect to spend 4 to 6 weeks recovering from the weight loss surgery. Your at-home recovery period will involve putting as little stress on your body and wound as possible.

How can you speed up your recovery after a weight loss surgery?

Now that you know how long the weight loss surgery recovery period lasts, the next question that pops into the mind is how can you make the recovery period as short as possible. You can decrease the recovery time by managing your day-to-day activities and following the doctor’s advice. Usually, your doctor will ask you about your living environment and give you a recovery plan according to the living environment.

Apart from managing your activities, you can also perform wound care and maintain proper hygiene to speed up the recovery process.

Along with promoting your recovery, you should also maintain a close eye on the possible complications that might occur after a weight loss procedure. While complications are rare as long as you are following the instructions of your surgeon, it is still a good idea to keep an eye out for the following complications:

  • Nausea or vomiting that doesn’t resolves within 12 hours
    • Excess pain or redness in wound
    • Inability to urinate at least 4 times a day
    • High fever 

Now that you know how the recovery period after weight loss surgery looks like, you can get in touch with a Long Island bariatric clinic with a little less stress on your mind. 

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