What is video marketing and how does it benefit your company?


When asked what video marketing is, they are still people who answer that it is a future trend. We do not agree because we believe that it is the latest trend at present. Yes, because video marketing is a reality that many companies already use in their digital marketing strategies to attract customers. In fact, your competition has most likely been doing it for a good season. Are you going to be left behind? In this article, apart from explaining what video marketing is, we tell you how does it benefit your company.

What is video marketing

Video marketing is about incorporating videos into your marketing strategy. So it can be defined as the use of video pieces whose purpose is to help you achieve the objectives set out in your marketing plan.

Benefits of video marketing

Correct implementation of marketing with a best-class explainer video can bring many benefits to your company. Here we want to share them with you. We present the power of video in the world of marketing.

Increase your conversions

A website without video can achieve a good conversion rate. But if you have videos, you can improve them a lot. A devastating fact: according to various studies, 9 out of 10 buyers say that video helps them make the purchase decision. And if a landing page includes video, the conversion increases by 80%. It’s like thinking about it. For example, you can get more sales if you include an explainer video on your company website.

Improve your positioning

Video marketing and SEO are two strategies that can bring many benefits to your business. Could you imagine what would happen if you combine them? A video, thanks to its duration, makes the user stay longer on our page. Also, it attracts traffic to your website, among others, because Google prioritizes videos over other content formats. And posts with videos are more likely to be shared, which favors your link building,  which improves your SEO. Which is a way of saying that the SEO of your website will improve if you include video content. The reason is simple: videos increase the time users spend on your page, and the search engine interprets that you are helpful. Therefore it rewards you with better positioning, which brings us to the second reason why you should consider including creative videos in your strategies.

Improve engagement

A video message reaches your potential customers in a clearer, more human and more emotional way. Each one of us interprets the written text according to our state of mind at the time. However, the video doesn’t allow for those kinds of distractions. Videos are a powerful machine to generate deep footprints in the audience. In a video, you can play with the locution, the sounds, the images and the effects of the montage. If you use these resources well, it will be difficult for the viewers to forget your brand. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of people remember a brand better after seeing a video of it.

Improve customer experience

Video marketing makes the customer experience more entertaining. If users turn to videos during their Internet browsing sessions, it is for several reasons and advantages that they present. But the main reason is that it is the most entertaining way to consume content that exists. For this reason, the inclusion of video within the marketing strategy is considered a fundamental aspect to improve the customer experience. And this is so because it is very easy to consume. But also very comfortable since it does not require a great effort on the part of the viewers.

People like it

People like video marketing because it is easier and more enjoyable to consume than other formats. Let’s face it: if a video is of quality, it is easier to digest than a text. Proof of this is that only one in 10 people who follow a brand do not watch its videos.  Also, the chances of a video going viral are higher than in any other content format. Take a look at your WhatsApp or Telegram groups. How many videos have you been sent through these channels in the last week? Most may be irrelevant, yes. But it is in your power that your creative videos’ content is attractive, important, and, above all, that it reflects who you are and fulfills your objectives.

To sum up

As you can see, content in video format can yield many benefits for your business. Many companies already benefit a lot from video marketing. Now get started to make a video and apply videos in your marketing strategy.

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