Healthcare professionals who wish to chase their dream career in the United Arab Emirates have to pass a particular exam to get a working license from the health department. DHA represents Dubai Health Authority is an assessing body to oversee the health care department in Dubai, UAE. The Health Regulation Department (HRD) in DHA is exclusively responsible for licensing qualified professionals with proper skills to verify the quality of healthcare services and safety of inhabitants in Dubai.   

The DHA examination is a 2-hour multiple-choice examination with 70 questions and you are expected to score at least 60% that means you should correctly answer a minimum of 42 questions to pass the examination. Professionals from traditional, complementary and alternative medicine who require a DHA license to operate in Dubai include and are not restricted to doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, allied Healthcare. Results of the exam are usually released within 5 working days.

There are 3 attempts to pass the examination. If you fail on all 3 attempts you will have to show evidence of further studies before you will be allowed to retake it for the fourth time.

The DHA license process is a bit long but forthright. Proper practice and preparation are the only keys to crack the DHA examination. Practice as much as possible questions and answers to understand the pattern of the examination. In addition to the MCQs with proper explanations, the mock examinations are also available. A mock test is a practice test, designed to be as much like the real thing as possible. It gives you a good idea of what to expect and useful practice in time management. Mock tests make you work hard and boost your confidence to appear for the DHA examination.

If you are a doctor by profession, longing to get your dream job in Dubai, Prometricgulf MCQ’s packages help you to prepare and practice for your upcoming exams. Prometricgulf brings forth the DHA exam questions for doctors PDF with an aim of helping the candidates who want to have a good idea of what’s on the DHA Test ahead of time.

2000 and above multiple-choice questions with proper explanations and a number of mock examinations available in portable document format is really affordable and helpful in having a better idea of what all materials will be covered when you do take the real DHA Test. The combination of good practice tests and close attention to MCQ packages will help you retain more of what you read from textbooks. 

The benefit of the practice exam for DHA is that the questions that label real-life concerns that every doctor, pharmacists or nurses are likely to deal with at some point. The multiple-choice format offers you fairly challenging choices. Of the choices offered, only one will be the most accurate answer. It will sharpen your time management skills to the top. Prometricgulf MCQ’s packages is a suggested study practice to face the DHA examination.

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