The world of social media is constantly developing. It is essential to keep evolving with the time. Every day new trends are establishing in the market and driving the direction of the audience towards themselves. Social media has impacted a wide majority of people, but the most impact has been created on the businesses that are already online or are planning to go online. Digital marketing is the most vibrant aspect of social media. You can now learn digital marketing easily by enrolling yourself in Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. Check this out now!

Facebook is one of the most happening online platforms. With so many new users joining its community every day, Facebook Ad is the first choice for any marketer looking to reach a new audience worldwide. Facebook’s business platform has achieved massive success by unfolding new options for the online businesses willing to target their daily online visitors. There can be various kinds of Facebook Ads. Choosing the right Facebook Ad for your business is a tricky task to do. Don’t worry! In this article, you will know about the best Facebook Ad for your business. Let’s get started. 

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Facebook Carousel Ads: Carousel Ads are great when it comes to showcasing the product range or simply telling a story. In carousel ad format, you can upload a maximum of 10 photos or videos that can be easily swiped through by your online audience. On every slide of the carousel, you can put a call-to-action button. In this way, there are 18 call-to-action buttons available you can choose from. Carousel ads are versatile in terms of appearing over different devices. 

There are things you need to know before you move forward with Facebook carousel ads:

Minimum cards: 2

Maximum cards: 10

Image type: jpg or png

Most video formats are supported 

Maximum video size: 4GB

Video length: up to 240 minutes

Maximum image size: 30MB

Facebook Photo Ads: Images are an important part of every Facebook ad. You cannot expect an appealing ad without having an attractive image. All types of ads are required to have an image. Images are the first thing people see in your ad. Single image is the easier way to engage a large audience online. You can easily create a Facebook photo ad by having a clear concept in your mind along with an appealing image with a copy and a click-to-action. In case you want to insert more than one image into your ad, then carousel ads are the way to go. 

Certain specifications related to Facebook Image Ad are mentioned below: 

Minimum Image Width: 600 Pixels

Minimum Image Height: 600 Pixels

Facebook stories Ad: Facebook stories are a new way to engage your targeted audience easily. The popularity of these functions has massively increased. You may be familiar with Instagram Stories, but Facebook Stories are something new but effective way to create genuine leads. They are the fastest-growing ad format. Many businesses have found great benefits from using Facebook Stories Ad. In recent research, Facebook found that after seeing a product in stories 56% of people browsed the brand’s website to know more about the product. Out of which, 34% of users bought the same product as they saw in stories. This is the strength of stories nowadays. 

Things to know before going for Facebook stories ad: 

Image aspect: 9:16 to 1.91:1

Maximum image time: 6 seconds.

Maximum image size: 30 MB.

Supported image: .jpg and .png

Video aspect: 9:16 to 1.91:1

Max video width: 500 px

Max video time: 15 seconds

Max video size: 4 GB

Supported video: .mp4 and .mov

Facebook Video Ads: The place of video is above all of the ads available in the market right now.  It is still dominating a large number of online campaigns. Facebook insights have shown that people spend a large amount of time watching videos. 30% percent of the online buyers have said that video is the best way to know about new products. In the field of digital marketing, it is always compulsory to know about the fundamentals and techniques to utilize the best available online resources. You can go for Online digital marketing course

Some points to remember before you go for Facebook video ads:

Most file types are supported. 

Make sure your video does not have a pillar boxing.

Video Size: 4GB Max

Video Length min: 1 second

Video Length Max: 240 Minutes

Facebook slideshow ads: It is highly recommended to include slideshow ads in your campaigns. Facebook slideshow ads are best suited if you are on a tight budget or if you are targeting an audience located somewhere with poor connection speed, low bandwidth. Slideshow ads are a great alternative to video as they load easily and comes in compressed size. In this ad format, you can upload original photos, or select from online stock image libraries. It is cost-effective and more accessible. In Facebook slideshow ads, you can choose attractive motion to multiple images, without the production costs. It works well even if you have a pre-existing video, you can freeze the frames of the video at the stills you would like to use in the slideshow format. 

Facebook Dynamic Ads: There is a slight difference between dynamic ads and image or carousel ads. It allows you to make a template that automatically pulls images and data from the catalog. Facebook Dynamic ads can also be created in the image, carousel, or collection ad format. So, if a visitor looked at a purse on your website, the dynamic ad will retarget them with the same data that they searched about on your website. 

These tips can help you make good returns from Facebook Dynamic Ads:

  • Setup your catalog: See whether your inventories are managed as per the catalog, this will help find the goods easily. 
  • Implement Pixel: Facebook pixels are to be settled firmly to make dynamic ads work.  
  • Schedule updates: If there is a constant change in your catalog, uploads scheduled at a particular time will help you maintain accurate prices and stock figures.  
  • Facebook link ad tips: Facebook Links Ads have one goal to generate traffic on your website. The components act in a link ad that is all clickable. These kinds of ads provide the best return on investment which can eventually help your business in the long run.  By using high-quality, vibrant, and clear photos with links ads, you can increase the click-through rate of your campaign.  Along with that, a crisp ad copy and click-to-action button can improve the overall employability of your campaign. 


Through this article, we have gone several types of Facebook ads. All these ads have their pros and cons. As we have discussed certain ways to make these ads workable for your business. You surely have got the idea about which Facebook ad can suit your business in the best way. 

Facebook ads are just one of the many components of digital marketing. You can learn more things related to digital marketing by taking Digital Marketing Classes In Pune. This would be a great experience to gain in-depth knowledge about digital marketing from industry experts. Keep learning and have peace.  

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