Everyone likes to renew the aesthetics of their car. When it comes to appearance, a lot of people have started opting for vinyl car wraps instead of getting a paint job to turn their rides brand new. However, there is another segment of people who are still preferring re-paint instead of getting a wrap.

How do you know which one is good for you? Which option should you go for if you’re planning to change the aesthetics of your old car?

This article will address the above-mentioned queries and weigh both the options based on multiple parameters. Let’s dive right into it.

Which One Is Easier To Apply?

Although most people opt for top professionals to get either of these done, the question is, which is easier to get done in general?

As for the paint-job, it takes a lot of time! Although there aren’t many steps to it, simply scrubbing off old paint for a newer layer can take up to a week, sometimes more if the painter is busy. On the other hand, a core pre-requisite of wrapping is cleaning the car. It takes merely an hour or two to get the car ready for a wrap.

Furthermore, when the paint starts, it requires more than just a day to complete, while a wrap can be done in 12 hours. Of course, the delivery times can vary based on the queue, but you probably will get free sooner than you would with a paint job.

The Test of Time

When you’re paying for something, even a little, you need to ensure you get the best value for money from it. When it comes to a re-painting project, it may take years to wear out – that is, if you opt for high-quality paint. However, the paint will always remain exposed to scratches and damage, which may plummet the value of your car.

An auto wrap done to perfection can last up to a decade. The best part about it is that your actual paint underneath remains protected from stubborn dirt, debris, and scratches, which ensures that the value of your car remains intact. Furthermore, a good-quality vinyl wrap often increases the value of your ride, so that’s a plus.

Design Options

When you’re going or a different look, you want something that stands out. For a lot of people, that means an exclusive design that is made-to-order or a layout that turns heads while you’re on the road. A paint job has design limitations since you would need a full-fledged artist to take requests.

Wraps already come in a variety of layouts, and some elite auto wrap services like a1aautoandtruck can also get you a personalized design in your favorite colors. This is an area where auto wraps take a massive lead.


This is another core factor that people take into account before opting for a wrap or re-paint job. A simple paint job will little to no design (just a color change mainly) cost you anywhere between $1000 and $3500.

On the other hand, a decent auto wrapping job will cost you as little as $2000, which can easily go up to $5000. However, if you consider the amount of liberty you have in design, the amount charged starts to justify itself. Technically, a paint job wins the race here, but in the bigger picture, auto wrapping seems feasible as it opens an array of design options to you.

Which One Should You Go For?

Both, the re-paint job and the auto wrapping bring their own list of pros and cons to the table. It depends from one customer to another which one poses the best value for money for them.

If you’re short on budget and need a quick fix within a week, you should opt for a re-paint as it will last you a few years. However, it poses risks like scratches, which is something your car will remain protected from if you opt for an auto wrap.

Furthermore, if you have even a tad bit of interest in adding an exclusive design to your car, wrapping it is the best option by far. You will have countless alternatives to choose from while having the liberty to create something customized.

If you decide to get a re-paint in the long-run, you’ll have to remove the current color entirely. However, with a wrap, you don’t have to get rid of the paint no matter how many times you change the wrap.

In A Nutshell

Weighing all of these options, you can pick and choose whichever option seems feasible for you. However, with the rising trend of auto wraps in the US, you will find more wrap service providers, each of which will provide their own range of wraps to choose from.

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