Which professional company to choose for translation services?

chose professional translation company


Article translation points

Which professional company should I choose for translation service? The main point of article translation is the knowledge I will explain to you today. Translation service is already a service that many of our foreign trade companies need for business dealings. Therefore, translation is also a top priority in the foreign trade market.

 How to choose a professional translation company? Let’s take a look at

Which professional company do you choose for translation services?

First of all, when choosing an article translation company, it is necessary to confirm whether the company has this business or not. You must have a clear business quotation before you can choose. It is necessary to see the translation cases including the past articles. The level of each translation is different, and the translated things will be different. No matter how good it is, it is not as good as it is in fact. You have to see the case and feel that the result of this translation is consistent with your own needs, so that you can make a choice. Furthermore, you can consider the naati certified translation service for the best experience.

Secondly, the language of the article is different. In addition to English, there are different languages ​​such as German and Japanese. When choosing a professional translation company, you must ask what languages ​​can be translated. Only one language must be carefully considered. PROFI translation agency has more than 90 translation languages, including all languages, which is a very good choice. Choosing a PROFI translation agency can save a lot of time. Description of this agency given below for guidelines. 

Article translation points

  The translation of the article should be combined with the content, and the situation should not be unsatisfactory. Professional translators(Übersetzung Profi Fachübersetzung) will read through it up and down, and then combine the sentences to translate. Only in this way can it be ensured that when the professional terminology is translated, the above content can also be quickly understood, and there will be no disorder. When translating, it is necessary to find the corresponding professional company to carry out the translation according to the different content, and the requirements for the translation must be clearly stated. As long as all these details are clarified, we can ensure that the translation process is completed as required.

  Which professional company to choose for translation services? 

The key points of article translation have been told . Friends who need to understand translation services can come to PROFI translation agency for consultation and understanding. We have professional staff to answer you.


   1. General: business letters, company profiles, advertisements, invitations, business reports, popular science materials and other non-professional documents;

   2. Professional: product descriptions, user manuals, technical documents, academic papers, medical materials, Installation guides and other documents;

   3. Advanced category: contracts, bids, patent documents, judicial/arbitration documents, notarized documents, government documents, company annual reports and other documents

Translation services:  

interpretation, accompanying translation, simultaneous interpretation, software website localization, professional data translation, multimedia translation, etc.

Translation languages:  

English, Japanese, German, French, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Danish, Czech, Hebrew, Serbian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, Flemish, Bulgarian and more than 60 languages.  

Translation fields:  

software, electronics, IT, Internet, mobile phones, machinery, electrical, advertising, trade, engineering, construction, chemicals, finance, securities, beauty, clothing, insurance, banking, real estate, accounting, finance, taxation, medicine, pharmacy , Chemistry, books, VCD/DVD/videotapes, TV dramas, movies, scripts, literature, propaganda, reports, law, news, transportation, aerospace, tourism, reports, manuscripts, patents, etc.  


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